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  1. Is this normal after a neuter surgery?

    Dog Health
    Hi. My pup just got neutered last Thursday, July 21st (so it has been 9 days). Today is the first day he has been without his e-collar. Is this how the incision site is supposed to look/is it okay? There were no external stitches, just surgical glue holding the incision together. This is my...
  2. My puppy has what I suspect is Conjunctivitis/Sore Eyes. HELP!

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi guys! I'm a newbie. I've a toy poodle X chi hua hua who just turned 4 months old. After giving him a bath today and napping for a little while after that, he woke up and starting squinting his left eye. I monitored him for a bit and examined him only to find out that his "eye white" is...
  3. I have a sick puppy! Please help!

    Dog Health
    My fiance and I are the proud owners of two wonderful beagles. One is a beagle jack russell, Nugget, who is 8 years old and the other is a beagle weimaraner mix, Roo, who is now 8 months old. About a year ago (almost a year exactly) we lost our lab-rott to Lymphoma. It was a very quick...