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  1. Does this spay incision look infected?

    Dog Health
    I am worried about my pup and her Incision after spay.. its been a couple days and there is a long hard bump underneath..she is uncomfortable when I try to feel it and has been acting anxious. Thanks for any help you could offer. She's going into the vet tomorrow either way to get it checked out.
  2. Spay Incision Opened After 7 Days?

    Dog Health
    My golden was spayed 8 days ago, (buried sutures) and the vet told us we could take off the e-collar after 7 days. On day 6 it looked like it was healing nicely, so I had no problem taking it off on day 7. However, she started licking excessively right away, so we put the cone back on. Now, it...
  3. Spay incision infected?

    Dog Health
    Hello, My dog Lola got spayed about a month ago. Everything was healing fine, it looks almost all healed up. She also is super active and eating/drinking. Just yesterday I noticed she has a small red lump on the bottom of the incision. Today I noticed it swelled up a little bit. It doesn't seem...
  4. Is this normal after a neuter surgery?

    Dog Health
    Hi. My pup just got neutered last Thursday, July 21st (so it has been 9 days). Today is the first day he has been without his e-collar. Is this how the incision site is supposed to look/is it okay? There were no external stitches, just surgical glue holding the incision together. This is my...
  5. After a few days from spaying, does this pics look fine, or should I worry?

    Dog Health
    Hello, this is my first post, I've been reading threads from this forum, and finally decided to register because I need your help. I know you guys often answer too many questions like this, but I'm worried, I'd really like everything is fine with my dog, her name is "Coya". I previously searched...
  6. My dog won't let me put his "cone of shame" on

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My bloodhound just got neutered yesterday and his surgery spot looks like it's a little swollen, which I was told is normal, but he wants to lick the incision spot so I went out and bought him an ecollar to prevent him from licking while I'm away at work but he REFUSES to let me put it on him...
  7. Spay Incision - PLEASE HELP :(

    Dog Health
    Hi! My puppy Telly was spayed on Friday. Does this look normal? Yesterday it looked great and nice not so much! I am very worried. I have sent a picture to my vet and i am waiting for their reply. In the meantime if anyone can help keep me sane it would be much appreciated! Candi...
  8. My puppy's incision opened a little bit

    Dog Health
    Puppy's Incision Opened. Help? I am fostering a puppy for the first time. She was spayed over a week ago and the end of her incision has opened a little bit. I've tried contacting the rescue because I'm worried but there has been no answer. I'm just wondering how serious it is and what to do...
  9. Question about a surgery to remove a mass on my dog

    Dog Health
    Today I picked up my dog Mufasa from surgery. He had a mass on his side that they didn't know what it was, it was the size of a nickel and flesh colored. When I picked him up they had made a giant 5"-6" incision on him and stapled him up. He is a black German spitz about 3-4 years of age. We...
  10. Post neuter incision image - is it okay?

    Dog Health
    My 12 mo old Great Dane is 11 days post-neuter, and his incision still seems awfully puffy and pink to me. But he's the first dog I've ever had neutered, since all our previous dogs were rescues and already altered. He is eating, drinking, and playing normally - seems totally fine. But I'm...
  11. Is my dog's incision healing well or should I be concerned?

    Dog Health
    We had our pup neutered this past Saturday. He seems to be behaviorally sound (extra cuddly, even), however I'm concerned with the healing process of the incision itself. All bleeding and or leakage has been extremely minimal, but he has occasionally gotten around to licking the wound. The...