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  1. Dog Breeds
    I know the attached pictures are not much to go on, but can anyone help us identity what type of mix our new puppy is. We're not picking her up until next weekend so these are the only pics we have at the moment. The rescue is labeling them as Lab Retriever Cattle Dog mix, but thought I'd...
  2. New Dogs and Puppies
    Preferably as a non-aggressive breed, I live in Oregon and am moving into a new place, I haven't registered Maia here since I've moved to town. Previously, I had Maia listed as an Alaskan Malamute mix, which is just what she was registered as when I got her. Unfortunately, the place I'm moving...
  3. Dog Breeds Background: My family and I were riding horses in Mexico. We were on our way back when suddenly this little one started following us. My family kept trying to get the dog to go back to its owner but we soon realized it wasn't going to go. So I tried my...
  4. General Dog Discussion
    So I found these puppies and this one particular puppy (even though they are all siblings) is really adorable and cute and I wanna know if you guys can help me identify its breed. There are alot of pictures I took of them, here are the pictures: TheRammo's albums - Imgur
  5. Dog Breeds
    I was hoping someone here might help me identify the dog seen on this old postcard. I have a few people telling me it is a Saluki, but most say it is a Borzoi. Thank you.
  6. Dog Breeds
    First post! TL;DR: New puppy, herds everything, 12-15 lbs @ 13 weeks. The pictures of him in the red harness are from his second or third day home; the ones in the blue are more recent. Our local shelter brought in two litters of puppies, and we promptly adopted one. But since we didn't pick...
  7. Dog Breeds
    People are always asking me what kind of dog i have.. and I dont know the closest I can guess is perhaps a Australian kelpie Mix What do you think? Photo of my dog as a puppy here more photos...
  8. Dog Breeds
    we just got a mixed breed puppy and we were trying to figure out some characteristics to expect. Below are pictures of the puppy, and further down are a couple pictures of the parents. I would love to know general temperament, lifespan, health concerns to watch out for, expected size, and...
  9. Dog Breeds
    Hi All! I went to a cafe and saw this adorable puppy but i'm at a loss as to what type she is. I was thinking a jindo or husky mix but the coloring throws me off. (pics below) Any idea folks? Thanks ahead of time :)
1-9 of 10 Results