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    4 mouths puppy, its Said to be a mini pinscher Father Mother
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    Meet Rex! I was told multiple answers for his breed, perhaps a german shepherd x bull masstif, a german shepherd x staffie , german shepherd x english bulldog He has a wringly head like a masstif would have but more than a english bulldog. And he has a pretty small frame like a shepherd of...
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    Good day everyone, I am looking to identify my new puppy's breed. We are adopting him from a rescue shelter and he is 7 weeks old. I attach pictures to this post with a couple pictures of the mom to help identify. We don't know what dad would be so all your help is appreciated. Lola (The...
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    Hi! I am new here and in the process of rescuing Klaus, the adorable pup in attached pictures. He's still on quarantine after being rescued from an out of state kill shelter so no vet has been able to examine him yet. Workers at the shelter are estimating him around 1 and say he is mostly...
1-4 of 4 Results