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  1. Dog Breeds
    Name = Olla. Age = 8 years old. Gender = Female. Size or height = Medium. Weight = Around 10-18 kg. (22-38 lbs) Coat = Black and tan. Is it a purebred German Pinscher? Does it looks like a German Pinscher?
  2. Dog Breeds
    Hi. New here. I recenly brought this little guy home. He's an absolute ball of love and joy, but I have no idea what breed he is. Whatever he turns out to be, he will always have a home with us. Can anyone tell what kind of puppy he might be? Thanks
  3. Dog Breeds
    I adopted a dog that I was told as a pomeranian, but I've seen a Pom breed before and she looks different. Can anyone help me? Thank U
  4. Dog Breeds
    Hi, I saw this dog on the beach and I cannot stop asking myslef what breed is it. I am thinking of taking same dog at home.
  5. General Dog Discussion
    Hello, We recently adopted a puppy and was hoping you could help us identify some of the breeds. We are planning on doing a DNA test but want to see other peoples ideas. Reason we are asking is I want to research the best way to train whatever breeds we have. Thanks for input
  6. Dog Breeds
    I adopted my dog around 1 year ago, he came from a reserve in Canada. Everybody sees a different breed in him. Any ideas what he might be? He's 30lb, approx. 3 years old. Long body, short legs, curled up tail, very coarse thick fur. Thank you :)
  7. Dog Breeds
    My sister found this dog on her land last night. It is very skinny and looks to have not eaten for awhile. He is all black other than some white on its feet. They estimate his age to be 8-12 weeks. At first glance he looks like a Labrador, but I think he has to be some type of mix breed. I am...
  8. Dog Breeds
    His owners and the local vets are completely lost as to what he could be, especially given that his head has a different fur length than the rest of his body. This is what he looks like without any trimming. Thoughts?
  9. Dog Breeds
    I was told shes Cockerspaniel and Yorkie. She looks like yorkie, a little, but thats all I can notice. I have pictures of the mom and dad from the people I got her from, so I just want some opinions. Also, whats a good DNA test kit I can do online? The mom is the one on the left, and the dad...
  10. Dog Gear and Supplies
    I use a harness when I walk my dogs, but I want to make sure that my dogs have identification. I feel weird putting a collar on them AND walking them with a harness. Should I get them collars? I'm not sure what a good ID option would be. Help! lol
  11. Dog Breeds
    We got her from people who could no longer care for her. We were told there were 2 possible fathers for her. Her mother was a tiny purebred Yorkshire Terrier. They had the mother there and showed us many pictures of our girl with her as a tiny puppy. They apparently tried to breed her mother...
  12. Dog Breeds
    So I have this dog, he is already almost 2 years old and I don't really know what his father is. I only know for sure that his mother is a pure black german shepherd. Anyone has any idea what the father could be? He seems to be very fun and playful as well as intelligent. Whenever we're...
  13. Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone! A friend of mine really needs help identifying the dog in this video: We're thinking its a mixed breed, possibly half Spitz. I don't know much about dogs so I could really use some help ><! Please let me know, thank you!
1-13 of 14 Results