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  1. Struggling to socialize new dog with old dog

    New Additions
    Hi there, new to this site and desperate for some advice. Not sure if we are on the right track. We have a five year old Westie boy, Angus. He is pretty much the apple of our eye and we have spoiled him rotten since we got him when he was 11 weeks old. I have always believed that he is happy as...
  2. My mom's husky won't leave me alone

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, New member here. I want to make it clear; I love the dogs company, she's just got me worried! I've been home from college for about a month. Early in the school year, my mom adopted a 6 (now 7) year old female husky from the previous owner who did their best for the dog, but was...
  3. Our husky really loves to swim

    Dog Pictures and Videos Here is a video of our Malia having a really fun time at the beach. Check her video out are your dogs loving the beach as she does? :):)
  4. Need Help w/ Destructive Chewing - Husky, German Shepherd mix

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We adopted a Husky, German Shepherd mix (some Rottweiler via Embark test), Bear, in November 2018 and it's been a really big challenge for us. Before leaving for work, my husband usually takes him and my lab for a long walk (2km/1.2 miles). When we leave for work, we leave him in our dining...
  5. Husky Skin Rash Will Not Go Away - HELP

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, I would like to share and ask for advice re. a recurring skin rash that my 4 year old husky has been having in the past 6 months or so. I have taken him to the vet twice. The first time he was treated with antibiotics (Vet thought he had a bacterial skin infection) and the...
  6. Husky puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, a friend of mine found a husky puppy (close to being a year old i assume, male) and because she cant keep him, she gave him to me. I really like dogs and i really want to keep him but i don't know much about huskies in general and because he was at another house before, i don't know how...
  7. Say Hello to Kaila

    New Additions
    This is Kaila, sold as a "Wolamute" Not sure how much wolf is in her but, her build and behaviors tell me she has some wolf in her. I'm guessing she's what is called a mid content, definitely not high content like some of my others.
  8. Adopted Husky Crate Anxiety/Trouble

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My girlfriend and I recently adopted ~2 year old husky and we're noticing some pretty bad anxiety issues with the crate. We've only had him for about 2 weeks and we do feel like we messed up the initial crate training (we gently pushed him into the crate the first time). Ever since, he's been...
  9. She's chewing up her paws

    Dog Health
    Hello, I'm a new member to this forum, but i signed up because my dog is having a somewhat serious issue. I have a 9-12 month old Husky mix, and she's been chewing on herself for the last month or so. She's started chewing on her paws as of late until she bleeds, and i have no idea what to do...
  10. What Kind of Dog is This?!

    Dog Breeds
    My friend and I saw and pet a dog while skiing this weekend and I think I realized that it was the kind of dog I would like. The only problem is, I did not ask what kind of breed it was... It looked sort of like a husky but smaller and shorter hair than normal. I heard another person nearby say...
  11. My Husky has red bumps around mouth

    Dog Health
    I started to notice red bumps around my husky's mouth and was wondering if you guys knew what it might be? Is it just acne or is it rashes? I hear that huskies tend to get zinc deficiencies. Could this be the culprit of it? And, what foods would you recommend to treat this? Thanks so much...
  12. Help Identifying Adorable Husky Mix

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I am new here and in the process of rescuing Klaus, the adorable pup in attached pictures. He's still on quarantine after being rescued from an out of state kill shelter so no vet has been able to examine him yet. Workers at the shelter are estimating him around 1 and say he is mostly...
  13. Grumpy dog Anuko husky

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Grumpy dog Anuko helps owner Jasmine Milton battle bipolar disorder and fetches her £20,000
  14. Are these hotspots?

    Dog Health
    Hi, My husky is beginning to have these patches of red and dark looking growth on her skin around the legs. Are these a cause for concern or just a sign for ageing? she is about 8 years old.. [/IMG] [/IMG]
  15. Videos of talking Husky and a Borador

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    These are videos of a talking Husky. We were blessed with one. And like all furbies, she is wonderful. :) If you are interested in giving an opinion, you shall find the videos in the following links:
  16. Hello! from NovaPuppy

    Hi! I just joined and I do not have a dog yet, but I do have a dog in reserve from a breeder and it is a husky. I am very excited! I have decided to name my husky (who is a girl), Nova. She was born on May 7th, 2016. When she is 8 weeks I can take her home, but before then I am going to go to...
  17. What breed is my dog?

    New Additions
    Just picked my new dog up from the shelter a couple of weeks ago. I know she's a husky mix, but does anyone have any idea what the mix could be? [
  18. My dog attemps a new trick (slow-mo)

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    My first post on this forum. Thought I'd share a video of my husky/lab mix attempting a new trick!
  19. Is a Siberian Husky or Shiba Inu best for me?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello dog owners! I am in love with two dog breeds and in distress over which is best for me. I'm not planning on getting a dog yet, but in two or three years I do. I've done a lot of research on the temperaments and exercise requirements and all of that, but I'm unsure over which would be best...
  20. How to introduce a pup to resident dog?

    New Additions
    Hi, I am new on here but have owned my rescue Siberian husky (Codie) for over 5 years now. She is 8 years old has 'selective' doggie friends. I am looking for some advice as to the best way to introduce a puppy to our house hold this year. Codie generally gets on dogs if we walk parallel for a...