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husky mix

  1. Whats my dog

    Dog Breeds
    Here is chaska. Please help us with knowing what she is :) We think husky / australian shepperd but there is a 3 one we just can't figure out.
  2. An indroduction and some questions.

    Hello! My name's Joy, I'm a young adult and I live with my husband and two dogs. Our first dog, Sky, we got from a shelter as my husband and I always wanted a husky since we were very young. He's a husky/Shepherd mix and we love him to death. Our other dog was hanging out on the property and we...
  3. Should I trim my dog's fur?

    Dog Grooming
    Hello, I have a Husky/Australian Shepherd mix puppy and I've noticed that the fur on her back happens to be two to three times longer than everywhere else on her body. It lays down weirdly and has more of a heavy course feeling to it that's different from the rest of her fluffy body. It also...
  4. Histiocytomas (Tumors) All Over Young Husky. Biopsy and Pictures.

    Dog Health
    Hello Everyone, Thank you all in advanced for reading and responding. Let's get right into it. Not sure my vet knows what is going on, neither do we. We would appreciate some help. Dog: - Husky Mix (Mostly Husky) - 3 Years Old - Male (Neutered) - South Florida Region - Overweight - Genetic...
  5. A third dog.

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, this is my first time posting on this forum. I've been thinking about this for a long time and just don't know what to do. I have a 14 year old husky-lab mix (Benzo) and a 1 year old basset hound (Pixel), both neutered males. They get along fine, however Pixel often wants to play and I...
  6. Help Identifying Adorable Husky Mix

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I am new here and in the process of rescuing Klaus, the adorable pup in attached pictures. He's still on quarantine after being rescued from an out of state kill shelter so no vet has been able to examine him yet. Workers at the shelter are estimating him around 1 and say he is mostly...