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    I have dreamed of having a husky for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately I am from the South where winters are warm (no snow, low 40s) and summers are brutally hot. Aside from the fact that I currently don't have the time to dedicate to a husky, I feel like I need to move somewhere colder...
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    YouTube - 666hades666's Channel ^ I'm talking about the black dog on the left in that video. I've always assumed he is a wooly husky. My inbox keeps getting bombarded from people saying that he is not a wooly husky, but a Finnish Lapphund. I have papers saying their parents are both Siberian...
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    I just adopted a 2 year Husky who I believe was mildly abused (or ignored rather) by previous owners. Her temperament is mild and loving- we only have one problem with her. She isn't trained to go to the bathroom outside. She routinely goes to the bathroom on our kitchen floor- even in front of...