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    After this lady with two crazy corgies and I exchanged words she sent her daughter to my door to start a fight. We were arguing and claiming she was going to hit me my dog went to bite her and she kicked him in the side. This happened three times. I wanted to murder her, but besides all of that...
  2. Introductions
    My 11 yr old lab was attacked , during this the attacker bit her neck - back and shook her back and forth, he now has a watery sloshing noise under her scruff when I pet her, it's tender but she's fine otherwise. Should I worry?
  3. Dog Health
    I recently gave home to a stray Akita dog (shes a giant but the sweetest thing) and she just gave birth very very early this morning to 10 puppies (the vet was a little off by saying 6). Two problems, the most urgent is one of the puppies is hurt, i dont know if it was on purpose or accident but...
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    *NOTE: I AM NOT A BREEDER. THIS IS HER FIRST LITTER OF PUPPIES, SHE WILL BE FIXED AS SOON AS THE PUPPIES ARE WEANED!!!!!!* Hello All :) My Pitbull had puppies earlier today. (Jan 26, 2014) She had 14 puppies. From previous experiences (friends dog had puppies) I know this is a big litter size...