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housebreaking a puppy

  1. Puppy goes inside AND outside!?!

    Hello! So a bit of background, I have a 6 year old Rottweiler/Pitbull mix who is neutered, and perfectly house-trained and has been since he was about 10 weeks old (we got him at 6 weeks). We recently got a new addition to the pack, a 14 week old Rottweiler/Blue tick Hound mix (we got her at 9...
  2. 6 month puppy just started deficating on carpet

    I have a puppy that is almost 6 months old. I've had him since 9 weeks and I thought we were well passed the housebreaking hurdles. He was consisting going outside and will even hit the backdoor with his paw to let you know he needs to be let out. Well, he has been afraid to go down the stairs...
  3. Help!!! your thoughts most appreciated

    Piddle Place
    I thank any of you that take the time to reply here or email me at PiddlePlace As most of you know, Piddle Place is now delighted to be part of the Petsafe family. This is helping our efforts to remove the barriers to pet companionship and adoption. In the past, many people have asked us...
  4. Wakes me up at night to play, not potty

    My new 11 week old lab mix barks at night to get out of her crate and I take her to her potty spot, but all she wants to do is play. After trying exhaustively to get her to go without success, I bring her in and put her back in her crate. After about 10 minutes of barking, she finally falls...
  5. 2 living locations confusing to a new puppy?

    Puppy Help
    Hi there, I'm new here and looking to bring home a new Schnauzer puppy from a litter due in December (lots of time for research)! I live in a condo (first floor so letting out is easy!) and work full time across the city. I will be gone from approximately 7 until 5:30 most days. I also have...
  6. Puppies won't go on pads in confinement area.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have two puppies. A girl named Cookie who is 4 months old and a boy named Rocky who is 3 months. I read an article about using a confinement space for indoor potty training. Following the article's directions, I set up a confinement area by using an exercise pen and putting in a bed with...
  7. Housebreaking a Puppy The Fun and Loving Way

    Hi, my name's Adam. Our dog Joben is such a joy, but he was a nightmare to housebreak. He is almost 3 years old now. Because we had such a difficult time with housebreaking, my fiance and I decided to start working on a Kindle book that will share our story and what advice worked for us with...