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  1. My dog potties in the house and I am confused!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Last March my husband and I adopted our girl. She is believed to be 19 months old. We were told she was potty trained. We started noticing she had separation anxiety. We tried to crate her and she destroyed it so we took a chance and let her roam and she didn't destroy anything. She used to...
  2. Crate during the day - 8 weeks old Golden Retriever puppy

    Hello experts. We've got Max, an 8 weeks old light Golden Retriever, last Saturday Feb the 20th. He is a very smart and handsome guy and it seems he is picking up the house training pretty well. At least I think. I usually work from home. Some days are more flexible than others. My question is...
  3. I can't decide which dog to get! (Help wanted)

    Hello! I've been wanting a dog and would like to adopt a rescue but i'm having the toughest time deciding which dog breed to go with. I'd like some help from people who have experience with multiple dog breeds. Here's what I'm looking for in a dog! If you know of a breed that fits these...
  4. Was going well house breaking my new pup until....

    Hi every body, I brought home my beagle pup Buddy yesterday, and all your stories and experiences on this forum have been an invaluable.:thumbsup: Now to set the scene, after much research we have decided to use the crate training method to housebreak Buddy. He didn't have any trouble...
  5. Convert housebroken dog to paper-training

    Has anyone trained an adult housebroken dog to to become exclusively an indoor paper-trained dog for all its pottying? Thanks.