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house training a puppy

  1. Puppy goes inside AND outside!?!

    Hello! So a bit of background, I have a 6 year old Rottweiler/Pitbull mix who is neutered, and perfectly house-trained and has been since he was about 10 weeks old (we got him at 6 weeks). We recently got a new addition to the pack, a 14 week old Rottweiler/Blue tick Hound mix (we got her at 9...
  2. 3rd floor but want to teach a puppy to go potty outside

    I just got (yesterday) a 2 month old border collie and I want to start house training her. Here is the situation, I live on the 3rd floor, but it's not a typical building as we have our stairs and a yard. The problem is my father doesn't want to keep the puppy on a leash or to prevent it's...
  3. My puppy has a potty problem

    Puppy Help
    Hi everyone! I have a 3 1/2 month old Olde English Bulldogge, and I'm having a few problems that I didn't encounter with my last bully. 1. Crate training is a problem. He doesn't have any issue going into his crate to play or to sleep at night, but really freaks out if I close the...
  4. Puppy is terrified of outside

    Hi everyone. We got our chocolate lab puppy from a farm in PA a few days ago. We live in a city and I know its a completely different environment. Aside from being terrified of everything, she is also very scared of 'outside' and she won't pee or poop outside, only inside on occasion. When we...
  5. Desperately need help!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, I have a 1 year old male Bichon Frise along with a 10 year old female cockapoo, and a 15 year old female Pomeranian. I am having a problem trying to stop my Bichon from marking all over the house. I have tried keeping him on his leash but it is impossible, as I work out of my house, to...
  6. Housebreaking a Puppy The Fun and Loving Way

    Hi, my name's Adam. Our dog Joben is such a joy, but he was a nightmare to housebreak. He is almost 3 years old now. Because we had such a difficult time with housebreaking, my fiance and I decided to start working on a Kindle book that will share our story and what advice worked for us with...