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  1. Please help - I don't want to give up my dog.

    Hello all, 1st of all, thank you very much for reading my post. I and my husband experience some difficult issue with my dog and don't know what should we do with him. I have 2 dogs, one is perfect, fun, affectionate, obedient, The other is not like that. Firstly, he doesn't come when we call...
  2. Which dog is the culprit?

    A little backstory. We have two dogs. Both adopted, fixed, and were previously housetrained. We adopted them a month apart from each other but adopted the first one 3 months ago. Dog 1: 11 month old male Dachshund Mix. Submissive. Dog 2: 3 Year old female Dachshund. Displays alpha behavior...
  3. Puppy Pees in Cage When We Come Home

    Puppy Help
    Ok, so we have two dogs; one is 1 years old and the other is almost 4 months old. This is concerning our youngest. His name is Dakota and he is part german shepherd/ part collie. He is a very well behaved dog and responds very well to the training! We just have two problems. Our oldest dog has...
  4. 7 month old pup still not house trained

    Dog Training and Behavior
    We've had our female mini schnauzer, Ezreal, for five months now, and we are still having trouble with her having accidents in the house. We've been crate training her, but she's very inconsistant with how long she seems to be able to hold it, and doesn't appear to do anything to tell us when...