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house breaking puppy

  1. Help!!! My 5 month old Chihuahua/Pug Female refuses to go Poop outside!

    My name is Nichol Van Dorn-Cook and my husband Ken and I live in Rupert, Idaho and back at the beginning of this year, in January, my husband and I adopted 2 puppies from a lady he works with who had found a stray pregnant dog near their work and took her in. The puppies were born on November...
  2. Infographic on House Training Basics

    Hi, I want to offer this infographic I made to help anyone who might need some guidance with house training a puppy. I hope it helps! I also have an article on it on my blog based on my book: House Training Your Puppy or Dog | Really Simple Dog...
  3. Potty Training Issues

    New Additions
    I have a 10 week old Miniature Australian Shepherd puppy and we are facing some difficulties with getting him potty trained. He is an absolutely brilliant dog, but seems to be stuck with this concept. He knows that going in the house is bad as he always runs after he goes pee/poo, he is able to...
  4. 7 week old Cane Corso dripples urine and pees very small amounts constantly

    I recently bought a Cane Corso pup, he has only been home for two days but I have started to notice that I will take him outside to pee and he will only pee a few drops or a tiny puddle. Then he will go in and fifteen minutes later he will be drippling again. Often he makes the stance to pee so...
  5. Puppy "holds it" all day! Doesn't go potty inside or outside!

    I am a new puppy parent to a 4 month old jack russel/dachshund mix. She was adopted about 2 1/2 weeks ago from a shelter out of a litter of 8 pups. When we brought her home she went potty outside just fine for the first 2 weeks and to this day has not had a single accident in the house. However...
  6. Newly rescued dog seems to go out of his way not go to the bathroom outside

    Hello, it has been about a week and a half since we adopted our dog. He is about two years old and was found abandoned under a bridge. Beyond that we don't know much anything about his background. He does seem to have been loved and cared for at some point. He is the friendliest little guy...
  7. marker training & frequent urination in puppy

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, Thought I'd reach out to one of the best training communities I've found online (I lurk). I am currently training a new puppy. He just turned 8 weeks old. His training is coming along fabulously but as of today he has started a new behavior. He has been urinating three or four times...
  8. First time dog owner and a JRT lab mix puppy

    Puppy Help
    Hello all, My name is Andy and I am a first time pet owner. My wife and I just got a Jack Russel Terrier mix with lab name Su Su last Sat August 24th. As I googling for help with my baby, I come across this website and this website is "AWSOME." I do have some question I need help with, so...
  9. I can't get my dog potty trained!

    I have had my pomeranian for 8 months now. We've been taking him out of his crate, letting him go to the bathroom, and then after he goes we will let him in the house. The problem is, even if he isn't scheduled to go, he will poop and pee in the house.(We do gently scold him when he does it and...
  10. New to the puppy world! - Housebreaking -

    Puppy Help
    Hello - my first ever post! Anyway, I'm getting a puppy for the first time in a few weeks. I have previously owned 2 other dogs so i'm not a complete newbie! I was just wanting to know what are the more important things that I should train my puppy to do first? and what stuff is less important?