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  1. What do you think my Moller Waller is mixed with?

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    Molly wandered up as an abused stray/abandoned pupper. She's around 40lbs and has the typical beagle pattern as well as black and tan freckles on all her white fur. She's a talkative handsy little girl that will chase anything small or quick, and she is fast. Like super fast. She's just as agile...
  2. Can anyone tell me what kind of dog she is?!

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on here and wanted to kind of introduce myself and ask what everyone thinks on what kind of dog this is? Currently my family and I have an Australian Shepard mix but we were very interested in adopting this puppy and adding her to our new home. We live in...
  3. Hi from Gaaawgia!

    Hi there, my name's Diane and I'm mom to 3 dogs, 2 cats and an African Gray parrot. The dogs are a Black Lab mix named Roxie, a Coonhound/Greyhound mix named Teddy and a tripawd Chihuahua named Yogi. Our cats are Mama Kitty and Lucille and our parrot is Sydney. I'm interested in seeing if...