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homemade dog food recipes

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  1. Dog Food
    Hi there :) Im just after some advice and personal experience with dogs with allergies and feeding homemade dog food. My 4 month old puppy has a rash on her stomach. My vet has looked at her twice and now recommend to take her off beef as it could be allergies. I did some research and saw that...
  2. Dog Food
    Sorry everyone I accidentally posted this in the wrong place at first... so here it is again in the right section..... Raw/homemade dog food has a ton of advocates. They say theres nasty stuff in dry kibble, or that their bellies are designed for raw food.. I just have one problem..ish I dont...
  3. Dog Food Recipes
    DOG FOOD RECIPE 45 lb dog gets / day - add water to make it soupy 24 oz boiled sweet peas puree 4 oz baked ground turkey puree 2 oz canned salmon (already cooked) mini muffin pan 1 can divided into 21 add water freeze, she get 3 cubes/day spread out in meals 2 eggs scrambled in olive oil and...
  4. Dog Food
    Introductiоn Ever sіnce thе pеt food scаrеs оf 2007, mаny dоg оwners hаvе turned tо alternаtive diеts fоr thеir pеts. In mаny cаѕes, thіs іnvolves lооkіng іntо nаtural аnd homеmаdе nutrіtiоn. Wіth thе prolіferаtiоn оf ѕо muсh rеlаted соntent оn thе Internеt, I thоught іt uѕeful tо provide ѕоmе...
1-4 of 6 Results