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  1. We would love him 3000. But will he love us?

    New Additions
    First of all : Hi, im new to this forum. My name is Dylan and i am (thinking of??) going to buy a dog. I live in The Netherlands , so behold grammar mistakes :) Me and my partner are thinking of buying a dog. Before we do, I want to get as much info as I want and need. So besides this forum I...
  2. Dog pees when home alone, how do I fix this?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I've had my 6 month maltipoo for about 2 months now. She is normally home alone from 8am-1pm but usually no more than that. She is crated when left home alone and she enjoys her crate when people are home. Usually when I come home she has peed in her crate. She doesnt bark or try to escape the...
  3. A Trash Training Question

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello All! I have known about this bad habit for a while. Julie gets into trash when we're not in the same room. The kitchen trash can is fine since it's high up and she can't knock it over. The problem is with every other trash can in the house even if it's lidded or heavy. I've tried...
  4. Leaving your dog home alone: what to do

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi Guys, Found this great article with tips on how to keep your dog happy when they're left alone at home - thought I would share!
  5. Need advice: How long to leave my 8week puppy?

    General Dog Discussion
    My partner and I live in London in an apartment and both work full-time. We are thinking of getting a miniature wirehaired dachshund and have given it a lot of thought. we know it's a huge responsibility but want a dog in our lives so much! Our main concern is leaving the puppy alone while at...
  6. New destructive behavior... please help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 9 month old chocolate lab/brittany spaniel mix, just in the last couple weeks she started chewing things up when she is home alone. When people are home she does not even look at anything to chew on or destroy but when everyone leaves she has been destroying our stuff. Not sure why this...
  7. Adopting a dog even though I work all day?

    New Additions
    Hello people I'm a 19 year old male from Germany. I'm single, living alone in a medium sized apartement located in a suburban neigboorhood of a small town. My flat has no garden, but a balkony. That's not that bad, because I live right where ''nature'' starts...meaning, I have lots of fields...
  8. Help with our new puppy sleeping through the night

    Hi! We have had our 13 week old german shepherd/hound mix puppy for 2 weeks now, and we have been very lucky. He is pretty much potty trained only has accidents inside if we forget to take him out in time, and he is learning to not bite/nip as much, and is extremely smart and is picking up on...
  9. Leaving my puppy home alone while at work

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all, I'm new to this site and I am finding the disucussions on it very interesting and helpful. I have a 4 month old miniature schnauzer puppy called Penny and I think I am finding it harder than her when she is left on her own while we are at work! She's an excellent puppy and we haven't...
  10. New puppy. Worried about being gone.

    Puppy Help
    I have a 4yr. old male Papillon and am looking to get a new puppy for a playmate. I live in a very large apartment. I am looking at a 4 month old male Lab/Golden Retriever who is already crate trained. I'm a student at a University and will be gone for about only 5hrs. a day, but there are two...
  11. Howling in new living situation while home alone.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My husband and I just brought home my old retired show dog, Tully, from my parents house (was there while I was away at school). Tully, a very well behaved English Springer Spaniel, will be 9 in April and is a completely wonderful dog to have. Now that we are out of college and in a dog...