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    Hello! This is my first post on here and I wish it could be a bit more positive but here goes! Our 3 year old female pitbull has a history of hives. She has gotten them all over her body multiple times and after many vet visits we were told to switch her food because it could be the grain or...
  2. Raised bumps on neck, back, and rear legs

    Dog Health
    My 7 month old puppy has these bump looking things! It's now been 24 hours that she's had it and it's gotten worse. She is a Rhodesian Ridgeback / Pitbull mix. It's really hard for us to figure out exactly what caused this as: 1) We just took her to a dog park yesterday.. She could've rubbed...
  3. I think my dog may have serious allergies

    Dog Health
    The last three times I bathed my dog she broke out in hives. The first time I used a oatmeal/baking soda conditioner sample I got at Petsmart. The second time I used just oatmeal and water in attempt to soothe the hives but she broke out again. The third time I used flea shampoo (we have been...
  4. Help! dog has hives but no medicine helps

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Okay, this make take a while but I'm at my breaking point. My dog Bru is a 4 yr old Doberman mix, rescued from the pound 3 years ago. About a year ago my husband and I started traveling for our company and started bringing both of our dogs to the sitter. They usually stay there for 3 weeks at...
  5. Pup broke out in hives, could it be his food?

    Dog Health
    hi every one, my 6 month old pup broke out in hives last night (i have checked lots of sites and pictures and are definitely hives) all over his body, head and legs. He was pacing up and down all night long itching and whining but i didn't realise he had come up in hives until the morning! He...