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  1. Question about puppy hip dysplasia and luxating patella.

    Dog Health
    Hello to everyone, I am new here. I have a 6 month old girl wire fox terrier, and she is gorgeous. I just got her 2 weeks ago. I have seen that on rare occasions she lifts up her rear leg while running for 1-2 steps. Sometimes she does it with her front leg. Those are classic signs of luxating...
  2. Dog sitting too quickly on back legs

    Dog Health
    Hello fellow canine parents... I have a young female chow chow, 2 years old, which has always been healthy and very active. I had once noticed that she is almost always in a standing position and rarely sits down, she eats standing up, she is next to me standing up, etc... she pretty much sits...
  3. Hip Dysplasia - Any advice needed!

    Dog Health
    Our dog Charlie, a 5.5 year old Bichon Frise has recently been seen by our vet, and after x-rays, etc. been diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips. His limp is particularly pronounced on his right hand side He's always had a bit of a 'John Wayne' style to his walk and I suspect we're now...
  4. Hip dysplasia/subluxation from trauma?

    Dog Health
    Looking for some advice here to supplement what we've been told by our vet. Maggie is our medium-size 10-month old rottie/staffie cross. She is very active. We used to go for 45-60 minute walks every single day. She's never shown any signs at all of limping or lameness. On May 10th (15 days...
  5. My 9yr old dog will need hip surgery. Advice? stories? please help.

    Dog Health
    Hi, my baby dislocated her leg yesterday. She is a 9yr old Bichon, she has been suffering from allergies since she was a pup. I've seen different vets and unfortunately there is not much they can do. Couple of years back she developed a bladder stone, very small one. The vet said she could only...
  6. Discomfort from Hip Dysplasia or Something Else? Please Help :(

    Dog Health
    Hello all, Mable (my 8 year old golden doodle) has acted very weird this morning. She flies to the door to go potty, then bolts in again to eat. Every morning, this is our routine. She was very sheepish this morning. She finally went out after calling her over and over, and wouldn't eat (but...