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hip issues

  1. Possible hip dysplasia

    Dog Health
    I have two miniature American Eskimos who are both sisters and are 7 years old. Ever since they were puppies, one has always been bigger than the other, but they are both healthy and get good exercise. Since about 5 years old, the bigger one started having hip issues and trouble doing certain...
  2. Lethargic, vomiting, hip/leg pain in 6 y/o m

    Dog Health
    I have a 6 y/o chocolate lab named Bo. 3 weeks ago, he seemed to be stiff in his rear hip/legs. Couple days later, noticed him limping. A vet had previously told us to give him asprin. Bo seemed very lethargic and began vomitting more frequently. He has also had a sensitive stomach and had...
  3. New puppy walking funny - should we still adopt her?

    Puppy Help
    I was just contacted by my breeder because the 6.5 week old goldendoodle puppy I plan to take home soon has been walking a little funny. The breeder took her to the vet who said her hips felt normal and that it was likely something she would grow out of. According the breeder she looks a little...