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  1. Recently my dog has been hiding in my closet

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Recently my dog has been hiding in my closet whenever i'm not in the room with him, he's never done anything like this before, what should i do? When i enter the room he stays in the closet until i come over there and then leaves and starts panting, otherwise though he seems fine: he is still...
  2. My puppy is traumatized and we need advice!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My 10 month old morkie, Whiskey, had a traumatic event a few nights ago. Normally, Whiskey sleeps at the foot of our bed or in his own bed by my beside. It seems like he was chewing on an extension cord in his bed when he got electrocuted. My husband pulled the cord from the outlet and grabbed...
  3. Does your dog have firework phobia?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello, My name is Emma Cotterill and I am currently studying in my final year of my Veterinary Nursing degree. I have chosen my dissertation topic based upon firework phobia in dogs. I am looking to find dog owners where there dogs suffer from firework phobia, including hiding or crying when...
  4. Fearful after 4th of July fireworks

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone, So yesterday, as my partner took our dog for her afternoon walk around the park, some people went into the park and fired some fireworks. Our dog has not shown any fear at home when fireworks were going on, so my partner thought it would be ok to take her for her walk...