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  1. Breed Guesses?? border collie/blue heeler/koolie?

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    Hi! I have a lovely 3 y/o female who is new to the family. We were told she was a border collie cross. we have had people who have only owned purebred bc say she is one. other people say she is definitely a bc cross blue heeler. and we have had a lady say she looks identical to an Australian...
  2. Help me identify my rescue puppy!

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    First post! TL;DR: New puppy, herds everything, 12-15 lbs @ 13 weeks. The pictures of him in the red harness are from his second or third day home; the ones in the blue are more recent. Our local shelter brought in two litters of puppies, and we promptly adopted one. But since we didn't pick...
  3. New cattle dog in the big city!

    Hi! I live in Brooklyn and live a very active life in the city, work from home and make lots of time to get out traveling and adventuring - I just adopted an extremely high energy heeler mix who I hope to bring along with me as my sidekick on all my adventures. His name is Chicken, about two...