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  1. Why does my dog get like this randomly?

    Dog Health
    So I have a Chihuahua Terrier mix, and he’s a little over a year old. Very sporadically he will get extremely tired, very wobbly on his feet, shaky, and gets really jumpy. All of this sounds like the effects marijuana would have. And that’s what we thought it might have been the first time and...
  2. Dog not peeing

    Dog Health
    My dog has a herniated disk and because of this he can't use his hind legs to walk, so we have to use a towel for his hind end so he can walk with his front legs. He hasn't been able to pee on his own since this happened. Is there something we can give him to make him pee or massage around the...
  3. My husband hates our dog

    New Additions
    We are new dog parents, our new dog has only been with us for 11 days. It turns out my husband is now saying he doesn't want a dog and he only agreed because the kids and I wanted one. He complains about everything, if the dog licks him he is grossed out, he won't even pet her or get near her...
  4. I think I may have ruined my chances with my breeder

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, So I've been on a breeders waiting list for the past 3 or 4 months, I message him every 3 weeks or so just to touch base, ask some more questions about the breed and so on and so fourth. (We have met and spoken over the phone as well) He messaged me the other day stating that they finally...
  5. Breeding for therapy in residential treatment.

    General Dog Discussion
    Maybe this isn't the right place for this, but I'm desperate. My employer has given me the opportunity to oversee and manage a breeding program for our young boys who struggle with a broad array of maladaptive behaviors. He has asked me to design the kennel and write up a contract for those who...
  6. First Corgi: Help!

    New Additions
    Hi! My names Jalen and I'll be getting a Pembroke Corgi in 2 months. I know the breeders and am certain that they are good breeders so don't worry about that! I just need help with food, grooming, etc. Any recommended foods, toys, grooming equipment? I would be very grateful if somebody helped...
  7. My dog is out of control. Help please?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi, I have a GSD, his name is Zak and he's just around 1.5 years old now. Let me tell you a little backstory; I've always wanted a GSD. From 'researching' the breed since I was around 9 to finally getting one now at 16 years old. (7 WEEKS) My parents finally gave in and we found great...
  8. dog suddenly started peeing on bed

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Ok so i have a 1 year old Chinese Crested named Sookie who sleeps on my bed next to my chihuahua. They have a dog bed on my bed ... if that makes sense :p. Yesterday i stripped our bed and washed everything as i usually do every 1 or 2 weeks. later that night when everything was clean and dry...
  9. Worms In Dogs Poop?

    Dog Health
    A couple of weeks ago, I saw short fat worms in my dogs poop. Ever since, she has been getting smaller and smaller. I've been so worried, so I checked her poop again... and saw NO WORMS?????? What type of worms are these? I have 4 other dogs, could they possibly have these worms too? Why were...
  10. Bite inhibition training isn't working

    Puppy Help
    My baby, Torin, is 3 months old. He is a Husky/Border Collie, and I knew from the get-go that he would be very active, and potentially destructive. I've been training him since I got him, and he's been doing good in all areas except two: Barking, which I can handle, and Biting, which I can't...
  11. In desperate need of help for a newborn puppy!!!!!!!!!!

    Dog Health
    *NOTE: I AM NOT A BREEDER. THIS IS HER FIRST LITTER OF PUPPIES, SHE WILL BE FIXED AS SOON AS THE PUPPIES ARE WEANED!!!!!!* Hello All :) My Pitbull had puppies earlier today. (Jan 26, 2014) She had 14 puppies. From previous experiences (friends dog had puppies) I know this is a big litter size...
  12. My 1 year old boxer just started peeing in the house Please help

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 1 year 2 month old male boxer mix. I got him from the pound when he was 2 months old. He always has been a very good well behaved dog. When potty training him he only had like 5 accidents inside. He has ALWAYS been very good at going outside. 6 months ago we moved into a new apt. he...
  13. Severe lick granulomas, please help :(

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone, my dog Buddy (10yr old labrador) has horrible granulomas on his two front paws. I've tried the E-collar, wrapping his feet, putting antibiotic ointment on, etc. NOTHING has worked. I can't afford to take him to the vet, and I have no idea how I can help him. His paws are really bad...
  14. My Dog snaps and gets territorial multiple times a day

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey I created an account here because I have tried every other option with my dog. I have spent literally thousands of dollars on multiple solutions over the span of 1.5 years with no success. -Dog Trainer at the house -Shock Collar -My own training -treats -ignoring him -a bark collar...
  15. I am so frustrated with my dog, i want to get rid of her! Please help

    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! My boyfriend and I had adopted a puppy at the beginning of March after my dog of 15 1/2 years passed away. I was desperate for a new companion, even though we already had our pom/chi... Although my boyfriend objected, I began frantically hunting for a new baby and about...
  16. Need a name for my Puppy! (It's a SHE)

    Puppy Help
    Just got a new puppy and I need a name for her So far...we've got Lucy as the main winner.
  17. please help us from pooing incedents

    Dog Health
    hello, we have two dogs and we are crying because they always poo. we was upstairs for 20 mins and we had poo, we hate it and it is too much. we have trained them and they jump fences too, the small one is ozzy and the big one is ozzy, ozzy does most of it. how can we make it easier? please...
  18. Opinions on my puppy's breed

    Dog Breeds
    My boyfriend and I got our puppy Paco a few weeks ago. The breeders said he was a mix chihuahua and american bulldog and possibly shepard. Many people are saying he looks chihuahua and resembles red nose pitbull. We called the owners and they said they don't know the father and they never even...
  19. Calm to humans, not to cats.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello! I have a 3 year old Labrador named, Amber. She is so loyal, loving and just in general a BIG sweetheart. :o And 2 months ago, I have recently adopted a playful sweetie kitten named Sammy. :thumbsup: Sammy has lived with dogs before and I was guessing at that time that Amber was good with...
  20. Help Me

    Dog Health
    My dog ate a half of a rat that usually live in the basement. But I did notice that he already vomit all them. Luckily he is sort of a picky dog. But I am concern about his health. Is he going to be okay? Please dog's lover out there! Please give me some answer.....:confused: