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  1. New Dogs and Puppies
    I recently adopted these 2 furbabies and I'm trying to figure out breed shelter only had them listed as mixed breed Lucy is the brown and black one and she is 61lbs Ella is the blonde one and she is 34lbs my instant thought was Lucy has shepherd in her and Ella I'm at a loss on a guess any ideas?
  2. Dog Health and Food
    So I have a Chihuahua Terrier mix, and he’s a little over a year old. Very sporadically he will get extremely tired, very wobbly on his feet, shaky, and gets really jumpy. All of this sounds like the effects marijuana would have. And that’s what we thought it might have been the first time and...
  3. Dog Breeds
    We adopted our dog Montana about 10 years ago and haven't been able to figure out what he is. We have looked high and low for an answer any help would be appreciated. He has a purple tongue and a straight tail (he isn't great at taking pictures). He also has a double coat I'd that helps.
  4. General Dog Discussion
    Hello! I used to have a gorgeous dog named Cinnamon and I don't know what kind of dog she is. My father gave me her as a bday gift 7 years ago but tragically we didn't know how to take care of her (Since it was our first dog) so we gave her up to the shelter. Anyways, I'm planning to get a puppy...
  5. Dog Breeds
    So I got a puppy, and was told that she was a purebred blue heeler, only she looks and acts nothing like the blue heelers we have had before. He hair doesn't have that wirey feel to it, plus shes mostly white and black, with very few brown spots on her. I'm not upset or anything, just something...
  6. General Dog Discussion
    I got my dog Bella from a family who could no longer care for her and they didn't really tell me where they had gotten her so I basically have no idea what her life was like before she came with me. They only told me that she was a full bred Pomeranian and that she was about 2 years old. So for...
  7. New Dogs and Puppies
    Okay so we adopted an American bulldog about a month ago, and all my friends seem to think its a pitbull. After all the research ive done it all points to an American bulldog, since they are some what similar in looks no one still believes me. also my landlord says no pitbulls (which is dumb...
  8. Dog Pictures and Videos
    What Breed is my dog? I love him to death, but I really want to know his breeds. Any help? Thanks guys! :)
  9. General Dog Discussion
    Sorry for the title. I had up until 12/27/11 a "black lab" named Puck. For years we were guessing his exact makeup. He was a good boy and he treated his "pack" very well. He had this knack of "talking" and was very polite. He would wait for all of us to finish dinner/ or other meals and then go...
1-9 of 9 Results