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help appreciated

  1. Dog has thick, lumpy, brownish yellow throw up. HELP PLEASE!?

    Dog Health
    Hello to anyone reading this. My dog is a one year old American/English bulldog mix who is very healthy and active. Today around 5:30 am I heard him gagging so I got up to check if he was doing alright. I turned on the light to see him sitting in front of a thick, lumpy blob of throw up. It was...
  2. Neutered Incision Healing Properly?

    Dog Health
    My 8 month old puppy got neutered 6 days ago and this is my first time neutering a dog and I have no idea what to look out for. He has been wearing his Elizabeth collar 24/7, but he’s very energetic still and loves to jump. We try our best to stop him from jumping but his favorite spot is on top...
  3. Goldendoodle chronic diarrhea

    Dog Health
    I have an 8 month old golden doodle with chronic diarrhea. He has had soft/ mushy stools ever since we got him at 4 months. He was initially diagnosed with giardia and was treated 3 times with different medications and a food change to a prescription diet. The second round of medication was...
  4. Dog nail damage

    Dog Health
    Hi, My dog damaged his nails at the base, it's still firmly attached ( no blood at all) but my dog is limping due to pain. Is it compulsory to visit a vet? Or the nail might gradually fall off and recover on its own? Due to COVID restrictions and family issues, visiting a vet might not be as...
  5. Puppy sick after vaccination

    Dog Health
    my 3 month old rough collie got his second vaccination yesterday. He has not been himself since then. He has suddenly started to drool a lot, whined all night long and is refusing much water. He also shat and peed all around the house. Please help!!!! Thank you
  6. Crust Around Mouth

    General Dog Discussion
    I Have Two Very Very Mischeaveus Dogs, They Are Smart Enough To Act Stupid. Well The Other Day I Was Taking A Shower And When I Got Out My Dog Had Obviously Gotten Into Something, Now I Wait For Someone Else To Wake Up Before I Shower, And It Just So Happened To Be My Sisters, So I Make Sure...
  7. Mother’s Day surprise: please help me find his breed!

    Dog Breeds
    Meet Rico! I’ll include as much as I know - which is: absolutely nothing about his parents he’s about 3ish y/o he has 49 cm withers height he’s very particularly cleaning himself until the last bit of dirt is gone he has been rescued from Greece. he’s a nose dog. He loves to sniff for mice when...
  8. Any ideas on what breed this is?

    Dog Breeds
    Sorry for the unclear pictures they are the only ones I got and I'm desperate. I don't know a lot about dogs but this one is kinda like a Doberman but way smaller and fatter. It's also completely black unlike the Doberman. Any help is appreciated thanks :)
  9. Canine good citizen

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello all!! Quick question. Is there a way to verify CGC certification other than the certificate that the AKC sends out? I am moving and the place asked if my pup had any kind of specilized training so I told them she’d passed her CGC test about a year ago (so proud of my girl) and they asked...
  10. What breed is he?

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hey everyone!! So I work at a vet hospital, and today we had an adorable, lost, puppy come in.. only thing is, none of us can figure out what breed it is. Thrown around the idea of it being a Pomeranian, German Shepard, Finnish Spitz, etc. but I’ve been comparing photos to all types of dog...
  11. Need help for 3month old puppy

    New Additions
    I recently got a puppy from a friend German Shepherd/bully mix.. Today I was cuddling with her in bed and noticed she had black spots on her belly.. I panicked and gave her a bath thinking they were fleas but they didn't wash away.. I attached a photo because I just want answers.
  12. Need Help With My Old Dog & Younger Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi! I have an old English Matiff (june), a middle aged beagle (pebbles), and a young active pup (Minnie [Husky/pugX]) Minnie was adopted when she was about 8 months old by my boyfriend (before we lived together) I have had June and Pebbles for 4-5 years. Minnie came in with high energy, food...
  13. Meet & HELP Save Blue, my Lovely Foster Pup!

    Hi everyone - so nice to meet all of you! Please take a few minutes to share and read Blue's story. Let's work together to save him! Edited by moderator to remove link to fundraising
  14. Black Lab in Apartment

    General Dog Discussion
    Good afternoon! My mother was thinking about rescuing a black lab from a local shelter. The black lab is 2.5 years old and honestly is very calm for a black lab. He is everything she wants in a dog, so I told her it couldn't hurt. Problem is, my mom lives in an apartment. Does anyone have...
  15. Puppy Blues - Help!

    New Additions
    Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for advice. It would seem I've got the puppy blues. I've got a 9 week old Jack Russell Terrier who is the sweetest thing and is learning toilet training, commands and what not quite quickly, however, I can't help but feel alone and sad when I'm with...
  16. Hey! Can someone please tell me what breed of dog this is?

    Dog Breeds
    We fostered this dog and would like to adopt a dog with the same breed. He has a long neck, skinny little tail, face of a chihuahua but longer nose, and he weighs 6.8 pounds at around 1 years old. When he sits down he only sits halfway. we think he is a mini pinscher chihuahua mix...
  17. New-ish rescue becomes VERY protective, need help

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi all, Our dog we adopted in February was very sick with 3 rare tick diseases (for our area) for months and months, and we were finally able to eradicate the infections after working with a number of professionals. Our sweet, quiet, subdued girl has become a new dog! LOTS more energy, animated...
  18. How to help rescued dog who can be aggressive to strangers!!!

    New Additions
    Good afternoon guys, I ran into this forum and I'm hoping I can find some help. I rescued a female dog from a shelter, she took a while to warm up to me and actually pay attention to me but nonetheless she's been amazing. I rescued her when she was 9 months old, I was told that she had a warning...
  19. Arthritis in old dog?

    Dog Health
    Hi, My Dog is about 10 years old and very recently has started showing some weird signs that we are confused about. The past few days she has been having a lot of difficulty getting up after laying down or being seated for a long period of time. The first time it happened she woke up up...
  20. Trouble disciplining/training adopted malinois mix dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    A few months ago I adopted my dog Mora from a pound, they told me she was 6 months old and was a mix of German shepherd and malinois. I've owned a few German shepherds before so I figured that this pup would be easy enough to train. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case. She is really...