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  1. I really need help introducing two dominant adult dogs to a dominant puppy!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I’m not exactly sure where to post this, so if I should remove this or move it, let me know! I have one almost two year old female Labrador Retriever, one almost three year old male Husky and German Shepard (and a whole lot of other breeds). Both are pretty dominant and have gotten into...
  2. Dogs are fighting and I don't know what to do

    Training and Behavior Stickies
    My sister and I live together and we each have a dog. She has a maltese/shih tzu/poodle/chihuahua mix that just turned 12y/o named Dixie and I have a Lhasa Apso who is 9 months named Mikaela. The older dog has always been temperamental towards my puppy but she never got into actual fights with...
  3. My dog have a breething problem

    Dog Health
    My dog is doing this sounds (in the video) everyday and night and i think it can be serious.. We went to the Vet and he said that it is because my dog salivates and chokes and also my dog's fur is plucked and falls on food and water and irritates his mucous membranes. He said that this is normal...
  4. The first swim without a life jacket of a dog with a sore leg

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I hope this puppy will be healthy 😌
  5. puppy help needed

    Puppy Help
    hgghghh i don't know what to do my puppy is high-energy and stubborn and won't listen to what we say i want to stick it out, i want to try to train him, i love him a whole lot but the entire rest of my family just can't handle that he jumps up on people and my mother and grandmother can't handle...
  6. Help Needed With Dog

    Dog Health
    One Of My Dogs Got Into Something The Other Day. I Bathed Her And Got The Stuff Off Her Body But Could Not Get It Off Her Face. I Thought It Would Come Off On Its Own, But It Hasn't So Yesterday I Tried But It Took Skin And Fur With It Causing Her To Bleed. Now She Is Picking At It And Rubbing...
  7. Should I be worried?

    New Additions
    Have a spot on my 15 year old labradoodle's face that has recently showed up. Saw a week ago, small hair loss, black dot present with some dry flaky skin around it. Applied some vaseline to moisten it. Kept checking over the week. Dry skin cleared up and hair loss got a bit worse. The pictures...
  8. Is a greyhound right for me?

    So I'm 16 and I left school awhile ago because of severe depression and anxiety. I find it hard to get out of bed and I want a buddy that will give me company by being around me and come up to me with a small tail wag looking for attention but not all of the time. A doggo that needs 2 20 min...
  9. URGENT: Help! White spot on my dog's paw

    Dog Health
    Hi doggy lovers, My friend's dog just went outside on their balcony (wood floor) to pee, and he came back limping (his right front paw). After looking at it, my friend found out that he has a little white spot on his paw (finger) near his nail. I've attached 2 pictures below. He isn't crying...
  10. Thoughts on thinking other peoples' dogs needing to be rehomed

    General Dog Discussion
    I'm not sure where to put this lol. How do you guys feel about knowing people who don't take care of their dogs very well or are unable to take care of them but are too attached to rehome them? When is the right time to call a rehoming center?
  11. Help!

    Dog Health
    This is my baby’s stomach, I just realized this huge rash on her stomach today as she laid on her side when she jumped up on the couch, I called some of the dog care centers near me but none of them answered( maybe due to this epidemic). I’m not sure what it is from, diet? The weather( I live in...
  12. My puppy is turning play into fights. Help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 5 month old aussie/cattle dog/husky/staffy mix 9according to DNA test IDK. We live in a dog friendly area and since 8 weeks old she has multiple walks a day and meets multiple dogs/people per walk. My girlfriend and I thought she was well socialized. there are a couple puppies and small...
  13. 8 week old puppy seizures

    Dog Health
    Hello! Me & my husband receny drove 10 hour for our puppy (Hes a great dane & 8 weeks) well everything was going as planned, sadly an hour into the ride he started habing seizures. I called ER vets (it was a Sunday) & no one would help us. Monday i got him into the vet & on meds and dewormed(...
  14. My new dog's bizarre behavior

    General Dog Discussion
    Hello, I wasn't sure where to put this discussion post since I just made this account for this purpose. Here's the story. I have a Chihuahua that is 14 years old and is very chill. she just sits around and sleeps or cuddles, never barks unless a stranger or another dog is approaching the house...
  15. Growling out of nowhere

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a very calm and friendly Yorkshire terrier. But lately he's been doing this thing. Ever since I started having longer hours at university whenever I arrive and meet him at home or in the car he growls in a low voice, staying still and stares at me but never takes a step to attack. It's...
  16. Forming Pink Bulge On The Nose

    Dog Health
    Hello! I’m pretty new to this platform but I’ve been googling what has been occurring to my golden and I’m getting a wide variety of answers and was wondering if someone could help me .... I’ve noticed that my golden recently has a pinkish bump on the top of her nose and I was wondering if...
  17. Dog chewing help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My pup is 8 months old, so a lot is going on in her teenage head. She’s a German Shepherd so she has ages and ages of energy. I take her to the dog park at least 1-2 times a day, play with her inside the house, include more walks, hikes, etc. but she’s always had an issue with chewing. Shoes...