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  1. Help. Why is a dog suddenly turning aggressive?

    General Dog Discussion
    I have been living with my boyfriend and his family for 3 years now, a little bit more than that actually. He has this old dog, a chihuahua who I loved when I first saw it. I would be very nice to him, I would bathe him, feed him, care for him, walk him, basically turning into his 2nd owner. His...
  2. First Time Dog Owner - Please Help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone! About a month ago my sister and her husband adopted a 10 month old female golden retriever, Lily. I have been living with them for the past few months since graduating college, and have been helping in the process of training and taking care of this girl. Out of the three of us...
  3. My new Border Collie puppy in my apartment

    Dog Health
    Hey! This was my first adoption and me and my family choose a Border Collie to live with us in our apartment, i am really worried about his behaviour... The first day he arrived he seemed scared witch i thought it was ok and normal, the first night was fine i guess, he were playing...
  4. Intervertebral disc disease (not sure if the right diagnosis)

    Hi everyone, new user here. I have a collie cross, he is 16/17 months old and his name it pixel. I'm going to go through what happens in the past couple of days and if you have any, and I mean any, advice or your dog has a similar or case or know anything about the illness, than please help. So...
  5. Hi from San Francisco! Jack Russel or Basenji?

    Please help me to choose between Jack Russel and Basenji. Im 24 working full time living in apartment.:)