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  1. Breed Guesses?? border collie/blue heeler/koolie?

    Dog Breeds
    Hi! I have a lovely 3 y/o female who is new to the family. We were told she was a border collie cross. we have had people who have only owned purebred bc say she is one. other people say she is definitely a bc cross blue heeler. and we have had a lady say she looks identical to an Australian...
  2. What breeds do you think Kozmo was?

    Dog Breeds
    We had Kozmo for 9 years and lost him unexpectedly two years ago. Now the time has come to find a new puppy and we've always wondered what breeds Kozmo had in him that made him so great. My wife and I always see different things in him. we've assumed Red Heeler, Beagle, Lab, Spaniel-maybe...
  3. New cattle dog in the big city!

    Hi! I live in Brooklyn and live a very active life in the city, work from home and make lots of time to get out traveling and adventuring - I just adopted an extremely high energy heeler mix who I hope to bring along with me as my sidekick on all my adventures. His name is Chicken, about two...
  4. (6.4lbs/2.9kg) 11 Week old Kelpie x Heeler mix. Have I been lied to?

    General Dog Discussion
    Dexter is a (supposed) 11 week old Kelpie/Heeler (Australian cattle dog) mix, and he weighs 6.4 lbs/2.9kg. From what I can tell, most other kelpies AND heelers are much larger than he is at 11 weeks. According to the weight chart that i found online for both breeds he's pretty far below...
  5. P1 People and Puppy training! - 2yrold Pyranees/heeler

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So my 2yr old Pyranees mix just started doing excessive submissive pees to my boyfriend after he had a week-long drama-queen meltdown about random insignificant garbage and his constant problem with the fact that other people exist and are retarded. (red-flag I know) We'll call him Dale for now...
  6. Hey Guys

    Hi I'm new on here, my name is Jo. I have three dogs, one named Sadie who is a red heeler and is a year and a half, Ekeeta who is a Great Pyrenees mix and 11 monthes old, and Ekeeta's older Beethoven. They are all a handful but I love them all equally