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  1. Interceptor is back--your opinions?

    Dog Health
    I read a few articles online saying that Interceptor is going to be sold again this spring by Elanco (because they bought out Novartis). What do other people think about this? I am conflicted on whether to give my dog interceptor again because Elanco makes trifexis which has given so many dogs...
  2. Sentinel made in France vs. USA?

    Dog Health
    Sometimes when I get my dog's 6 month supply of Sentinel it is made in France and sometimes it is made in the USA. I always return it and request one that is made in the USA. I am wondering does anyone know if there are any pros or cons to giving my dog the French-made Sentinel instead of the...
  3. I am looking for a heartworm recipe

    General Dog Discussion
    I am looking for heartworm recipe I have been using one but my vet told me not to use it because it was made with ivermection and that why dogs wer getting heartworms , she told me that it was fine us to mix it our selfs and give it to our dogs, but she said to find one of the meds thats not...