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  1. Dog Health and Food
    A little over a month ago we took our dog in to the vet due to a partial ACL tear. Some abnormalities showed up in his routine bloodwork when he went in for xrays of his knee. We redid the bloodwork in two weeks and his cardiac enzymes were still very high so we scheduled him for an...
  2. Dog Health and Food
    I have a little 8 year old Chihuahua who has the beginning stages of heart disease. She has a grade 2 heart murmur and a bit of plaque on one of her valves. She has had it for at least a year (maybe 2-3 years) and has no symptoms and is not on any medication. She has quite a bit of tartar...
  3. Dog Health and Food
    I know this is long and I have 14 questions but if your dog has heart disease can you please read all of this and help me? My 7 year old Chihuahua was just diagnosed with mild, early stage heart disease. We saw a vet who went to Cornell and has studied additionally in cardiology but she is not...
1-3 of 3 Results