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  1. Picky eater losing weight

    Dog Health
    Hello, I am looking for some advice relating to my picky eater. I have a 2 year old plott hound/lab mix who is a VERY picky eater. I adopted her 2 months ago and she has been this way since I adopted her. She is currently on Wellness CORE mixed with Sojos turkey recipe. She used to LOVE Sojos...
  2. What's the best commercial dry food?

    Dog Food
    I've done my research and I know what ingredients are "bad", but the dog food my vet recommends (IAMS for puppies) is full of the junk I'm trying to avoid! Should I feed my dog this "filler" food or do I need to consider switching to a more healthy diet?
  3. Healthy homemade dog food recipes?

    Dog Food Recipes
    I have a lot of trouble finding good recipes for healthy homemade dog food. I saw the veggie delight recipe, but I'm looking for something with meat in it. I have a nearly two year old terrier mix named Riley. He right now eats Castor & Pullox Organix Lamb, but I really want to do a homemade...
  4. Dog food etiqutte: A must followed

    Dog Food
    Before, I was wondering if I could talk to my dog because the first question that I would ask would be, "Are you happy living with me?" Then I realized that the question could be answered easily by just observing your pet as to how it behaves with regard to your presence. Being a dog lover is...