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  1. **Dog activity centre feedback needed for my Alevel project**

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I have created a dog activity and rest centre for my Alevel project in the UK. It has been designed for the Dogs Trust where the dogs are often left without interaction and so are board. This project is to combat this problem in an effort to entertain the dogs in the play area.:) Please could...
  2. Best food for my new puppy

    Dog Food
    We got a new 9 weeks old puppy. She is a large breed (A Malinois/Caucasian Ovcharka mix). Currently on pro-native puppy food, she seems to be doing ok with it, with decent poo (texture and amount). However we'd like to give her the best food we can afford and for her to get all of the proper...
  3. 7 in 1 shot

    Dog Health
    Can i give this shot to a 5 week old pup....and if so how often do they recieve the shot
  4. Are These Dog Moves Easy For Dogs to Do?

    Dog Health
    I saw these amazing dog moves and was wondering how a dog can possibly be trained to make those moves.