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    any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    My dog Hank is not even 3 years old yet and in the last 2 weeks he has lost an extreme amount of muscle loss, especially in his head. We have taken him to the vet and they ran some tests. His CBC came back clear, all organs are functioning properly. He has a heart murmur, a slightly enlarged...
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    found this on my dogs head help
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    Hello! I have a rescued pure bred German Shepherd. Beau is a 5 year old adult male with no other health problems. I have already established his allergies to gluten, so he is on a grain free dog diet. We walk about 2 miles a day. For about 2 years Beau has had seemingly constant ear problems. It...
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    Well, my dog Ellie has a really thick neck and a skinny head. LOL so she slips out of collars really easily. I've tried three or four harnesses, but they make her pull so badly, she coughs. That includes a "no-pull" harness. She doesn't pull with regular collars... Should I try a head...