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head tilt

  1. The vet doesn't know what's wrong with my dog!

    Dog Health
    Hi everyone. I am new to this so hopefully I am doing this right and will get some responses. I have a 10 year old Yorkie who until last week, was pretty healthy. About a week ago, he became very lethargic and I started noticing he was having trouble balancing and staying awake. When he is...
  2. Senior dog with head tilt/loss of balance

    Dog Health
    I have a 15 year old Australian cattle dog/border collie mix. This morning she woke up with a head tilt and loss of balance. About a year ago she had the same symptoms. After a couple of days her head tilt worsened and new symptoms appeared - walking in circles, unable to eat or drink and...
  3. Tilting head to one side and tipping over? Help!

    Dog Health
    My 8 yo female staffie has been tipping over for the last few days. When I noticed it, I immediately rushed her to the emergency vet. They suspected she had somehow ingested marijuana, which i was doubtful of. There is none of that in my house, and she never gets into the neighbors yard. They...