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  1. Havanese or Coton de Tulear breeders in Scotland

    New Additions
    Hi everyone, I've been researching for over a year on and off to decide which dog would best suit my family's life and we've decided on either a Havanese or a Coton de Tulear. We're in love with both breeds therefore our main decider now is which breeder is closer to our home as we know that...
  2. normal play between a puppy and an adult dog?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hey guys! Need Advice, Opinions, Suggestions I have a new 10 wk old male st. bernard puppy,tucker, and a 3.5 yr old female havanese mix,sophie. Sophie is still trying to get used to and accept him and now shes starting to interact with him more. Recently they started to play with each other...
  3. 20 vets - no diagnosis for a poor havanese

    Dog Health
    Hi, Thanks for your time and support. I have a wonderful havanese who is in deep suffering from April 2010 when he falled down from an armchair. 20 Romanians vets saw and tried to cure him but we still do not have a diagnosis (out of too many) and the suffering of Bibi is awful. Desperate I...