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  1. Collar or harness for leash training?

    New Additions
    Hi! My family and I are bringing home our st bernard/bernese mountain pup in a few weeks and I've been doing lots of research so we can give him the best life. We've decided on crate training and adding baby gates so we can gradually give him more access to the house. I'll also be tether/leash...
  2. Dog car travel

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello, I am a Junior at JMU working on a project based around Dog safety in cars. If anyone has a minute or to to spare it would greatly help me out by filling our this survey
  3. Harness for dog with thin fur

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    My dog has the Gooby choke-free comfort x-harness. I've tried keeping it snug and keeping it loose, but he always gets raw spots in his armpits after a little while. This is only on walks, no running. He has very thin fur, and in his armpits/underside he has basically no fur. He also seems to...
  4. Is there a dog equipment safety council?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Bit of a story here, I have a harness BrilliantK9 (made in USA) that I'm very happy with. My friend was envious and bought a harness she found online at, called Senior PetDog. It said it sold for $50 and is heavy duty, but it is on sale for $24. It was definitely a cheap...
  5. DIY siwash harness

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I have great and big plans for the future. I am interested in dog drafting or carting. I plan to rescue a large sturdy breed or breed mix puppy from the shelter and I want to be able to teach it to pull me or others around in a cart. Problem is, I know there are great people selling harnesses...
  6. Switching to harness

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My pup is about 1 year old and I've always just used a collar when walking him. Recently he has started lunging and straining when he sees other dogs, squirrels, birds, etc. I'm concerned that he is hurting his neck or choking when he does this. Is he too old to switch over to a harness? Any...
  7. Dog harness for sensitive skin?

    Dog Health
    Lexi, my lurcher cross has really sensitive skin. I cant leave a collar on her as it rubs her bald and her skin underneath goes really pink so I only put it on when we are out on walks. I am currently walking her in a harness with a front attachment because although she is learning, she still...
  8. Suggestions for Harness for Boxer

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I have a Boxer who is a little too smart for her own good and has learned how to get out of her harness and collar. We recently purchased a martingale collar which she cannot get out of, but i would really like to find a harness that she cannot pull out of. I cannot make the harness any...
  9. How did you teach your dog to walk on a leash?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have had 7 dogs, and never really had a problem with them pulling on the leash. But the one I have now, the one called "Rex" I had alot of problems walking on the leash, he pulled all the time and it even stated hurting my shoulders walking with him. This takes away the joy of walking your...
  10. After a comfortable, sturdy 'nervous' dog harness

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hello! Basically I am after a dog harness that has the words 'nervous' / 'shy' / 'in training' / 'I need space' on it. Zoey is nervy around large dogs after she was attacked by a few (they were off lead where they shouldn't be and had no recall, Zoey was on lead). Now when big dogs approach...
  11. Which

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I would like to get some suggestions from you. I just started to get more into dog sports, such as agility and fly ball. I'm looking for a new harness and a collar. I would like the harness to be high quality that i will be able to use for a long time. Any brand...
  12. Dog collar for ID even though I use a harness?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    I use a harness when I walk my dogs, but I want to make sure that my dogs have identification. I feel weird putting a collar on them AND walking them with a harness. Should I get them collars? I'm not sure what a good ID option would be. Help! lol
  13. Gentle Leader vs. Halter?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    For the past year and a half I've used a gentle leader with my dog as he's young and previously untrained/part hound/easily distracted and would just rip your arm out of its socket on walks trying to smell everything. But he isn't aggressive or anything like that, so I am wondering if a harness...
  14. Front-attach harness/weights?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    We just got Pikel (year and a few months old, pit/boxer we think, LOTS of energy...go figure!) a front attach harness and LOVE it. Walks are SO much better now. He heels better, he doesn't pull, etc. etc. The problem is that even though walks are better now, they still don't tire him out. We're...
  15. Problems With Harness/Collar On My Small Dog

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Sorry in advance as this post might be long... I have a chihuahua/terrier mix breed. He is an adult dog and I'm guessing no more than 12 pounds. He can be pretty aggressive, depending on the situation. I think it's mostly a territorial/dominance issue, though I could be wrong. I have managed...
  16. Yappy New Year from Animal Suspension Technology

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    The dog is artificial, but the New Year is Real! Best wishes from all of us at AST!!
  17. personalized dog harnesses ????

    General Dog Discussion
    :confused: I need some help here... My older dog cannot wear a collar bc of an old ingrown collar scar on her neck (I adopted her like this 11yrs ago). She wears a harness vs a collar bc when I walk her with a collar it irritates her scaring. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place where I...
  18. Head harness

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Well, my dog Ellie has a really thick neck and a skinny head. LOL so she slips out of collars really easily. I've tried three or four harnesses, but they make her pull so badly, she coughs. That includes a "no-pull" harness. She doesn't pull with regular collars... Should I try a head...