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  1. NYC Halloween Dog Parade

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Dogs in costumes…what could be cuter? Check out my Halloween Dog Parade video and tell me your favorite pooch in the comments:
  2. Help my puppy win a costume contest!

    Dog Pictures and Videos Picture with the most likes wins! Mason is so cute he should win I think. (maybe I'm a little bias)...
  3. I know it's February, but let's see some Halloween costumes!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    It may not be October (or even close, Lol!) but my ALL time FAVORITE holiday is Halloween, so how bout posting some pics of your dogs in their Halloween costumes? Here's Raisin's last one! Raisin is the Headless horseman's horse (or pug I should say)
  4. Your Dogs and Halloween

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Do you dress up or dye your babies for Halloween? What sort of costumes are you planning or have worn? Pics are totally encouraged! Personally, I just bought my little girl a pink witch costume and it just looks adorable on her! It was especially nice for me because it was only around 5 dollars.
  5. Dog Costumes?

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    Hey all, not sure how you guys feel about costumes for dogs, but I think they're pretty adorable. How about you guys? Do you have any other recommendations for great dog costumes? And can I get away with dressing up my dog on other days of the year (besides Halloween)?
  6. emma in her halloween costume

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    if only she would have showed her adorable smiling bichon face.