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hair loss

  1. Black lab hair loss, please help!

    Dog Health
    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums but have a health issue with my 7 year old laborador retriever that I was hoping someone could really help out with. To start with his symptoms and the progression of the condition, in May of 2019 (6 y.o. at the time), a small portion on his tail (above...
  2. What skin problem does my dog have? Please hurry!

    Dog Health
    Since I got her over 3 years ago, she's always had sensitive skin, but as time goes on it seems to be getting worse and worse. The hair at the tip of her tail is falling out to the point that it's almost completely gone, and she seems to be shedding more than usual. In between her claws/toes...
  3. Border Collie bald patches, redness on belly, cheesy smell

    Dog Health
    Hello, I'm trying to rehabilitate a border collie that the owners had apparently given up on. He has significant hair loss redness on his belly dry skin and a bad smell (like cheese or bad Doritos). He is constantly shedding gobs of hair and dry skin is falling off his body. I really would...
  4. Itching & Bald Patches

    Dog Health
    The last week I have noticed that Trucker has been extremely itchy on his butt and hind legs. So I made an appointment with the vet for him but this morning I saw that he has 3 or 4 spots that are bald right on the back of his head next to/behind his ear. Our appointment isn't until later this...
  5. 2" skin problem hair loss -see photo

    Dog Health
    Hi my daughters maltipoo went to groomers about 8 weeks ago and we began noticing a spot behind front leg -it is about a 2" circle, most of the hair is gone,sorta has some little black dots, looks like burnt hair follicles Does anybody know what skin problem this could be?
  6. My dog is going bald!

    Dog Health
    13 yo diabetic Basset Hound named Daisy. She is pretty well controlled with insulin twice a day, and she has been on Science Diet w/d for over a year. In May 2013, she had a large cyst removed from her left hip. In Oct, over the course of 24 hours, she got a bump, it drained, the skin got...
  7. White hair grew back after bald spot!

    Dog Health
    Hi, I have a 7 months old chihuahua who had a bald spot a few months ago on her back and the hairs grew back white. Today I noticed a new smaller bald spot on her head, what could this be?
  8. Help! Scratching Dog leaves Patch PLEASE HELP!

    Please help! I am a first time dog owner and I have had my pit (which is now one year old) since she was 8weeks old. Everything has been great since we got her and has been a great addition to my family! Although... Two days ago I noticed a patch on hair missing on her left shoulder slightly...
  9. Sudden hair loss, sores, and blisters on snout, hind legs, tail, and anus

    Dog Health
    About a week ago I noticed my dog's hair has been falling out on her snout, hind legs, tail, and anus. She has been constantly licking and biting these areas since then. Now she has a red sore on her snout, blisters on her tail, and the hair loss has worsen. She receives both heart worm and...
  10. Blk Lab Hair loss but no sores???

    Dog Health
    Hello, I am new here and I am looking for anyone else that can help with the issue my black lab/ springer mix is having. She started to lose hair in patches around her eyes and legs. I thought this could be mange however, there are absolutely no sores anywhere to be found. Her skin can get red...
  11. Hair loss in 10 yr old lab mix?

    Dog Health
    My 10 year old lab mix has a history of allergies. For the last 2 years we have had it under control with either no or minimal hair loss. I noticed a few days ago that she was shedding more than normal and since then she has startd getting bare around the neck. She does not seem to scratch more...