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  1. Dog Breeds
    Hello, Do you guys have any idea what the breed of this dog could be (the black and white one) ? To me it looks like a border collie, but seems smaller and less muscular.
  2. Dog Breeds
    This is my dog Vixen! She was a rescue and we aren't sure what breed she is. I'd love to get a DNA test to know for sure but wondering if anyone has any guesses? She's around 14ish years old
  3. Dog Breeds
    How many dog breeds can you guess out of this picture? Find more Pup-Art on:
  4. General Dog Discussion
    Hello, We recently adopted a puppy and was hoping you could help us identify some of the breeds. We are planning on doing a DNA test but want to see other peoples ideas. Reason we are asking is I want to research the best way to train whatever breeds we have. Thanks for input
  5. Dog Breeds
    We adopted Sebastian in June and he’s been the perfect addition to our lives. He’s very calm and sometimes we forget he’s still just a puppy. He’s a very fast learner, eager to please, and a great listener. He loves being outside, even in very cold weather. Right now he’s 42 pounds. We are...
  6. Dog Breeds
    Cant figure out what breed our new puppy is! Dying to find out! :thumbsup: He has a curved tail when standing up as you can see in the first picture. :)
  7. Dog Breeds
    Hi all, my wife and I found our dog, Moose, in the woods about a year ago. She has the coat coloring similar to a swiss mountain dog, but she's only about 45 lbs and her ears cant seem to figure out what they want to do. She's VERY sweet, LOVES humans, FULL of energy, but is timid around other...
  8. Dog Breeds
    Hello! I recently rescued a 5 month old pup pup, Kona. I was told she was a GSD/Shepherd Mix but I would love to hear everyone's guesses. She's 39lbs as of today and turns 6 months in about two weeks.
  9. Dog Breeds
    My dog Buck is approximately 2.5 yrs old. I rescued him when he was around 1.5 so I've had him about a year now. I've had a ton of different guesses but none the same as the next. He's about 70 lbs btw. Thanks for the help!
  10. Dog Breeds
    Got him from an animal shelter. Wondering if anyone has any idea which mix of dog this is!?
  11. New Dogs and Puppies
    This is my 9 week (today) old rescue sandy. She was described as a mastiff/German shepherd mix but we have been told by a few people that have seen her she looks pretty small for a mastiff mix. Do you think her description fits her or do you have any guesses you would like to share. I included a...
  12. Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone, I need your help. I have a rescue puppy that is 6months old, 14 pounds (so can NOT be a German Shepard!). Initially I was told he is a chi/terrier mix but now I don't know if he is a German Shepard/terrier mix. Thoughts? Again, he is a small dog, probably will max out at 20-25lbs...
  13. Dog Breeds
    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I just wanted to see if anyone has any ideas of what breed of dog my puppy, Spree, could be :ponder: She is about 4.5 months old and 31 pounds. Also, her tail curls up, in a C-shape. Thanks!
1-13 of 15 Results