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  1. Puppy breed ID

    Dog Breeds
    Which breed do you think my puppy is? She's a little over 3 months old. I know what she is supposed to be but not sure if that is what she actually is. Thanks!
  2. The Shelter Didn't Know- Thoughts About What Breeds My Holly May Be?

    Dog Breeds
    Good Morning! Last year I adopted a wonderful girl, Holly, from my local shelter. When we got her she was just a pup. The only information the shelter had was that her and her siblings were brought up North from an overcrowded shelter in Mississippi. While filling out paperwork, the woman said...
  3. Guess my puppy's breed! (Pretty please? :) )

    New Additions
    Hi all! I recently adopted this fabulous 7-month-old puppy! His name is Brodie. The shelter staff was unsure of his breed except "part pit bull". My best initial guess was perhaps Dalmatian-American Staffordshire Terrier, maybe some Beagle. (I've heard him howl.) Wisdom Panel testing is trying...
  4. Help us identify the breed of our rescue!

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    We just rescued a puppy from the humane society. He's only 8 weeks old this week! We aren't really sure his breed and neither we're the people at the shelter. They guessed Chatahoula or Aussie mix. We think maybe a little Fiest or Lab. But he has blue eyes? We will love him regardless of his...
  5. Any guesses on Moose's mix?

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    Hi, I adopted this little guy a few weeks ago and am curious as to what he is mixed with. The shelter believes he is 2 to 3 years old and a cairn terrier mix.
  6. What do you think? - our shepherd mix

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone. New here. We rescued a shepherd mix 3 months ago. He was a stray and we don't know much about his background. He has settled in very well. We are very curious about what his other breeds are. We are assuming mostly German shepherd? Wondering what you all think! A link with pictures...
  7. Guess The Breed!

    Dog Breeds
    Hey everyone!! I recently rescued a stray puppy, his name is Koa. We found him about 3-4 weeks ago. We believe he is a mix between a german shepherd and a border collie, however we're not positive. We've been asking everyone and they're stumped. Our vet agrees he is some form of german shepherd...
  8. Possible Plott Hound / Boxer Mix?

    Dog Breeds
    I got Athena from Animal Control and I was curious to know what she could be mixed with. I know she is part Boxer but I don't think she is full because her nose doesn't scrunch and point up like most. I saw a picture of a Plott Hound and thought maybe she could be mixed with that because of her...
  9. What kind of dog is he?!?!

    Dog Breeds
    Hi everyone, I need your help. I have a rescue puppy that is 6months old, 14 pounds (so can NOT be a German Shepard!). Initially I was told he is a chi/terrier mix but now I don't know if he is a German Shepard/terrier mix. Thoughts? Again, he is a small dog, probably will max out at 20-25lbs...
  10. Need your help! What breed is he?

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    Hello all. I'm new here and stumble upon this forum when googling dog breeds. Our family has lately been thinking of getting a dog. We have been leaning towards a smaller size dog (last dog was a Rottie and I just wanted to try something new). The other day me and my toddler happend to drive by...
  11. Guess the breed-Warning cute pics!!

    Dog Breeds
    Here is the families new addition :dog-love:, we're unsure as to what is in her far guesses have included bearded collie...lurcher...deerhound, what does everyone else think?