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  1. Weird bumps under fur

    Dog Health
    Tonight I noticed small bumps under the fur on the loose skin of my German Shorthaired pointers necks. They're weird bumps, some smaller than others and they're in the same place on both of my dogs. Looking through the fur, the skin on them looks slightly pink. They don't seem to bother them...
  2. Could my 4-month pup be coming into heat?

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, I'm the happy mama of 2 GSP pups. Lui (male) is 9 months and Zuzu (female) is just 4 months. I have an appt. set up for Zuzu to be spayed in 2 weeks, however, just today Lui has started trying to mount her and really sniffing her 'hoo-hah' a lot. I'm a little worried that she may be...
  3. Need Help re: Dog Breeder Contracts

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi, I'm looking at getting a couple of GSP pups and have never gotten a dog from a serious breeder before. I found one that I liked, but when I saw the contract it had a clause in there about "Breech of contract" and a penalty of $1,500, if I ended up giving the dog away or selling it. My...
  4. Lola Charges at the Camera Like a Beast in Slow Motion!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    This is a cool angle of my GSP Lola charging across the dog park with her tennis ball.
  5. 3 Month Old Lola's Cute Videos

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Here are some of the first videos I took of Lola, she was so tiny back then! This one was on Animal Planet for a Mayan Apocalypse skit
  6. Funny and Cute Dog Videos

    General Dog Discussion
    Here are some cool and funny videos I shot lately of my pups being dogs! Let me know what you think! If you have any cool videos of your pups, please post to this thread as well to share with the other dogforum people.
  7. Would You Ever Think these Two are Brother and Sister???

    Dog Breeds
    I've seriously had people come up and ask me if they are from the same litter before, if you look at them in the video you will see that they are completely different, lol. I just think it's funny and I wonder if they are being serious sometimes. Dalmatian and GSP Puppy Tug of War