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  1. German shepard dogs (GSD)

    Dog Breeds
    okay so ive noticed that my GSD does a lot of different things then my GSD/Lab when he was a puppy, or when my last puppy (we had to put down) was a puppy. i was wondering if people here could give me some things that theri GSD dog has done as a puppy as growing into a dog and when they are...
  2. Greetings from a 13 year old!

    Hi! I'm a 13year old kid going to high-school. I hope that you all guys accept me despite of my age :) I really love dogs. The thing is, I can't get one since my mom doesn't "want" it. The only dog I would ever take is a German Shepherd, they are so lovely and smart! I read about 50 books about...
  3. Greetings Amigo

    Hello Everyone, Like you all, we too are dog lovers and have two dogs, a GSD and a Indian Spitz. "Frodo", our German Shepherd Dog is 9 years old and is leading a retired life. "Max", our Indian Spitz is 5 & a half years old. Frodo is very calm, composed, fearless but Mature where are Max is...
  4. eatting!?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    okay so ive noticed my puppys like to eat dirt! my GSD eats it a lot more adn my Lab/GSD will eat it if he sees her eatting it. why do they eat dirt? they get feed together 12 to 16 cups of food a day. very active dogs. also my 12 and a half month old Lab/GSD male (not nutered) will bit and go...
  5. I'm on my last nerve with her, aggression

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have posted this on another forum, but not much look. I have already read many of the articles on here and have tried and tested many of them. My first dog, who i have had since she was a puppy, Is a German Shepherd Cross, she is my problem but do not get me wrong she is also my life. She...
  6. Rehomed Dog Feeding Schedule?

    Dog Food
    Good evening DogForums. :) I have recently acquired my father's GSD. He's going through a tough financial time and divorce and doesn't have the time for Dakota anymore. While living with my father--for the past 8 years--Dakota has been eating Kibbles 'N Bits freely. My parents had multiple...
  7. Raw food for 12 weeks old puppy

    Dog Food
    I've started feeding my puppy GSD only raw food (chicken carcases, necks, wings) and so far he seems to love it. I am a little bit worried though that it might be dangerous for him at such a young age. I'm also worried that it might not contain all the nutrients he needs to grow properly...
  8. Age Breeding Question.

    General Dog Discussion
    I wanted to know till what age can a German Shepherd female conceive and give birth to new puppies?