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  1. Greyhounds in Singapore

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has ever owned or currently owns a Greyhound in Singapore? I have been considering adopting a Greyhound (also known as retired racers) since 2014. I understand these breeds are really rare over here and can be adopted from overseas (preferably Australia)...
  2. Adopting a greyhound to be my ESA question about stairs

    New Additions
    Hello everyone, I have decided to adopt a retired racing greyhound once I move into my apartment. I will be allowed to have the dog as an ESA (emotional support animal). I have a question though. I read that most greyhounds have never seen stairs before, this being so, should I try my best to...
  3. Beautiful Greyhounds

    New Additions
    What is wrong with some people! Just finished reading an disturbing article about the greyhound racing industry. This is something you all should read up on and passing the info around to all your friends. If you are betting on greyhound, please stop doing so right now. This is something I...
  4. RSPCA campaign to protect greyhounds - URGENT!

    General Dog Discussion
    Hi all, I’m working on behalf of the RSPCA to raise awareness of their urgent campaign to protect racing greyhounds. We have a chance to protect racing greyhounds from an uncertain future through legislation but need thousands to send a letter to the Government by 22nd July so timings are...