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great danes

  1. I'm in desperate need of help, and VERY quickly. With absolutly no budget.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello - sorry this is long but I want you to have all the details so I can get as much help for my girls as possible. I have two Dane, females, half sisters, they share the same dad. One will be 2 years old in October 2020 and her sister will be 1 in May 2020. The first girl is Lady and she is...
  2. One year old Great Dane is being aggressive to other Three Year old male

    Dog Training and Behavior
    First off we have 3 great danes, one Female (Storm), 6 years, and two males that are 3 (Tiberius) and 1 (Tommy). The two males are whom we are having issues with. The youngest dog, Thomas, is mine and since I am living with my parents it is a three dog household. This mostly only relates to how...
  3. Great Danes and Exercise?

    Dog Breeds
    Okay, so I was wondering at what age could I begin exercising a Great Dane? I understand that Great Dane puppies really aren't suppose to be "exercised," but when does it become okay to do so?? I was assuming around once the dog is 12 to 14 months? I mean, can Great Danes "really" be exercised...