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  1. Attention seeking behaviors

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 1yr old Great Dane that I'm struggling to work on attention seeking behaviors with. It started at 6 months with pawing and pulling clothes and then escalated to full jumping and trying to pull my hair to pull me down. I've tried ignoring and turning/walking away until he sits down but...
  2. 8 week old puppy seizures

    Dog Health
    Hello! Me & my husband receny drove 10 hour for our puppy (Hes a great dane & 8 weeks) well everything was going as planned, sadly an hour into the ride he started habing seizures. I called ER vets (it was a Sunday) & no one would help us. Monday i got him into the vet & on meds and dewormed(...
  3. Great Dane pup Hip Dysplasia?

    Dog Health
    Hi! I just got a Great Dane/ Saint Bernard pup. I'm aware both these breed are risk factors for hip dysplasia so naturally, I'm paranoid. My puppy is 11 weeks and I've noticed that she does a lot of the symptoms such as frog sitting, Bunny hops, sway walk (I think), crawling up on furniture...
  4. New Great Dane puppy coming into the family. How do I introduce her to my other dogs?

    New Additions
    Hello! Next weekend I'm picking up my new Great Dane puppy, Phoebe, and I'm not sure how to introduce her to my other two Great Danes: Bella and Oscar. Background Information: Bella is an older dog, she is 9 years old. She used to be very friendly and playful but now she is aggressive because...
  5. How to deal with my dog's sudden anxiety?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    So I own a 2 year old harlequin great dane named Odd Thomas that has always been a bit of a crazy boy. His temperment is much more similar to a young labrador than the typical behavor of the other great danes I have owned. But recently his spazzyness has gone up to a whole new level and has me...
  6. Puppy Training around untrained dogs.

    Puppy Help
    My boyfriend and I are getting a Great Dane puppy in April/May. We are moving out together in September so for the time being the puppy will be staying where he currently lives at his parents house. His family already has 3 dogs (all small pinschers, it sounds hectic but we have the entire lower...
  7. One year old Great Dane is being aggressive to other Three Year old male

    Dog Training and Behavior
    First off we have 3 great danes, one Female (Storm), 6 years, and two males that are 3 (Tiberius) and 1 (Tommy). The two males are whom we are having issues with. The youngest dog, Thomas, is mine and since I am living with my parents it is a three dog household. This mostly only relates to how...
  8. Big Friendly Dog, Scary Bark, Too Excited

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone! I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a dog. I have some mental health issues and this dog functions as my service animal. He is trained to wake me up from nightmares and distract me from compulsive rocking. Medication was not working for me so he has changed...
  9. Dog suddenly aggressive towards eachother

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello everyone, We need a little help. We have 3 great danes (3 years old, 2 years old, and 5 months) all males. All 3 of our danes have grown up together since they were puppies. The 3 year old began to get a little aggressive about a year ago so we had him fixed and ever since then there has...
  10. Hi, guess my rescue puppy's breed!

    New here, after having my aussie pass away not to long ago it was really hard without his antics in the house. No one can ever replace him because that dog was so special to me but I can't go without having a buddy to spend my life with. Meet Takoda! We rescued him yesterday, he is quite the...
  11. Sliced Dog Pad

    Dog Health
    My Great Dane stepped on some type of glass or metal and sliced his big main pad down the middle, deep, and from top to bottom. It was a clean cut. We took him to the vet to get stitches and staples and he keeps messing with it! We are sure to watch him but the one time my husband got in the...
  12. My Great Dane has a few yucky skin issues

    Dog Health
    I have a four year old Great Dane, with several skin issues. To start off, she's had issues with her chin (?) area. These have been here for a while, the skin is pretty yucky and she used to try to itch it, but has generally stopped in the last few months. I didn't ever think it was anything too...
  13. 5 month old Great Dane won't potty train! Help!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have a 5 and a half month old Great Dane that we got at 4 months as a rescue. She started off scared of everything but learned what potty meant right when we got her. However, if my boyfriend and I aren't in the room she'll pee or poop on the floor but only by the doors. She goes about every...
  14. Pregnant Dane? Or False Pregnancy?

    Dog Health
    Hi, I have a 2 year old Great Dane that is/ would be 39 days pregnant today. Here's the scenario... She went to the Breeders house for a total of 6 days to have a hot date with her stud. They were allowed to be together and tie 4 times in that time frame. She came home and right off the bat we...
  15. Mysterious Aggression

    Dog Training and Behavior
    First off, I'd let to say hello! I just joined this forum earlier today and I've already learned quite a bit just from browsing through other threads; this seems like a very helpful forum and I'm glad I found it. :) So, I've got a 4 year-old Great Dane named Bailey who is a total sweetheart...
  16. Aloof Great Dane

    Dog Training and Behavior
    My Great Dane is 9 months old (I got her at 10 weeks) and she not especially affectionate. She has always been cuddled and upbringing is not the issue. She will lay near by where I work, keep track of where I am, and play soccer, but that's as good as it gets. She doesn't mind being...
  17. My Dog Drawings

    Dog Art
    Hey Everyone! Ok, so one of my very FAVORITE things to draw are dogs. I'm actually pretty good at it. here are just some of my favorites Great and Mom & pups American Pitbull Terrier Brittany Basset Hound
  18. Post neuter incision image - is it okay?

    Dog Health
    My 12 mo old Great Dane is 11 days post-neuter, and his incision still seems awfully puffy and pink to me. But he's the first dog I've ever had neutered, since all our previous dogs were rescues and already altered. He is eating, drinking, and playing normally - seems totally fine. But I'm...
  19. Great Dane with Ehrlichia

    Dog Health
    Hi guys, I have a 10 month great dane puppy he was diagnosed with ehrlichia more than 3 weeks ago, he was wobbly at first and is having problems standing up and walking but on the third day of taking doxycillin he could not walk. 20 days had already passed and he is still on meds, he seems to...
  20. Hello! Nice to meet you all.

    Hello fellow dog lovers! New to the forum. I have four dogs: a black Standard Poodle named Echo, a Great Dane named Mojo, a Beagle named Daisy, and a Mutt named Bella or Belle depending which member of the family you ask. Glad to meet y'all!:thumbsup: