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  1. Siberian Husky Chasing a Drone - View from Drone GoPro Hero 4

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  2. Skateboarding with Siberian Husky Max - Shoot from a Bike with GoPro

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  3. Beautiful day to ride with my Siberian Husky Max

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  4. GoPro Fetch Harness for Dogs First Video

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Just got this GoPro mount yesterday and did a test run in the house. This thing will be awesome this weekend at the park!
  5. Dive training

    Dog Training and Behavior
    diving dog gopro h3+ 1080hd - YouTube
  6. Lola Charges at the Camera Like a Beast in Slow Motion!

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    This is a cool angle of my GSP Lola charging across the dog park with her tennis ball.
  7. GoPro Hero 3 Black Dog Videos

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Seems like my GoPro video I posted earlier was well liked, so here are some more of the pups through the GoPro, enjoy! I figured I'd post them in one thread rather than making a million threads in the forum. I hope to see your doggy GoPro adventures in the near future! Does anybody have a dog...
  8. GoPro Rawhide Cam with Lola

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    Used my Christmas present (jaws clamp) to mount my GoPro to Lola's rawhide and then chased her around the house!
  9. Underwater Dog Drinking in Slow Motion

    General Dog Discussion
    Here's what it's like from underwater when my GSP is drinking in slow motion. I think it looks pretty awesome!