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  1. My dog is only super aggressive towards other dogs

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I have the cutest dog ever, a black German Shorthaired pointer, she loves hugs, cuddles, people, kids, cats .. she's so affectionate and so full of energy. She was abandoned and rescued by a cousin of mine, she's around one year old, she had a trip to the vet and she's super healthy, strong and...
  2. What breed is my dog?

    New Additions
    Attached is a picture of my new puppy, I recently adopted him from New Mexico. I believe he is majority German Shepherd but I would love your thoughts. He is about 3 1/2 months old and 15 pounds though still a little underweight. Sorry about the rotated picture.
  3. Video of Luna and Haans

    Dog Pictures and Videos
    I wanted to take the oportunity to share some of the videos Amber and I have taken of the pups. Haans and Luna are brother and sister. Haans has hydrocephalus, which has left him mentally and physically stunted. He is a sweetheart though. Here is a playlist of all the videos...
  4. Guess the breed please

    New Additions
    This is my 9 week (today) old rescue sandy. She was described as a mastiff/German shepherd mix but we have been told by a few people that have seen her she looks pretty small for a mastiff mix. Do you think her description fits her or do you have any guesses you would like to share. I included a...
  5. Introducing dog to friends

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Yesterday, Molly (G. Shepherd) met a friend of mine when I took him out back to see her. Right away she began barking at him and running away, which she normally doesn't do with new people. Eventually I gave my friend Molly's favorite ball and told him to offer it to her and after about 10 min...
  6. What kind of dog do you think Kiwi is?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello all, I am new to "Dog Forum", and I recently got my first puppy. When I got her they told me that she was a Shepherd/Mastiff, and I saw the parents and they were no where near the size/disposition of a purebred. I am thinking somewhere along the lines of Shepherd/Terrior, but I figured...