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german shepard mix

  1. My dog and my roommates dog are playing too rough!!

    Dog Training and Behavior
    I just rescued 8 month old german shepherd/mastiff, Lola from the humane society. She is beyond sweet but a little nervous. My roommate rescued a 4 month old hound mix. Both are relatively well behaved individually but they both are starting training. My problem is when they are together. They...
  2. Large Breed Puppy Food Choices

    Dog Food
    Hi all. We have a 20 week old German Shepherd mix puppy named Bradley. When we got him from the rescue he was being fed Purina Puppy Chow, mixed with Purina Dog Chow, wet food and warm water, as all the rescue dogs were fed together. We were only given a small bag (enough for 1 meal) of the dry...
  3. my puppy has parvo!! help needed.

    New Additions
    Hello everyone, for the first time of my life, i got a dog! the whole family loves pharaoh! we believe that he is a german-lab mix. he is 8 weeks old and we got him 1 week ago. 3 days ago, he did not want to eat and was throwing up and very loose stool. he was also peeing everywhere all the...
  4. Newly adopted "former emotional support dog"

    General Dog Discussion
    Hey guys! So I'm new here, and that is because last night I adopted a German Shepard mix from my local animal shelter and in her file, it says she is a former emotional support dog. I named her Emma Bob, Emma for short. She is 1.3 years old. I was basically just asking for any advice you guys...
  5. German Shepherd what?

    Dog Breeds
    Hello, Just adopted a 5 month old German Shepherd mix. We believe she is part Boxer because she has the normal Boxer teeth. She is a joy to have :) Her name is Shyloh Beth, ( Beth was her original name) but she likes Shyloh better. Anyways, I would like to know what others may think about...
  6. How Young Can I Start Training My German Shepard/Lab puppy?

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hello all, my first post never been on a forum before please excuse me, ok, so I finally talked my wife into getting a puppy (shes a cat lady) ive always wanted a german shepard. im really anxious to get started on training, i know everyone says the earlier the better. just wanna make sure im on...
  7. Is my dog pit bull mix?

    Dog Breeds
    Is my dog pit bull mix? Lab mix? German Shepherd mix? 53 Lbs, muscular and lean