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  1. Anyone know any good board games about dogs?

    General Dog Discussion
    Lately my oldest son has been trying to get me into playing board games. And i try to get into it, i really do, but i always get so bored. I was hoping to find a fun dog-related board game. Any suggestions? Anyone have any first hand experience with good Board Games About Dogs? I found a few...
  2. KitKat's day with Edi.

    Dog Pictures and Videos
  3. Like you

    Fun and Games
    This game is for those who literally LIKE everything:basically you like the person above you for the dumbest possible reasons. Plus, now the person above you is happy about whatever you liked them for. Ex. Liked for having an adorable dog :dog-bone: Liked for using my favorite emoji...
  4. Should I?

    Fun and Games
    This fun game is very easy. All you do is ask "should I..." and the person below me answers the question. Ex. Person 1: Should I play this game? Person 2: Yes, you should. Should I get a haircut? And on it goes. Good luck, guys! I'll start: Should I groom my dog?
  5. Game ideas to tire out 6 month old?

    General Dog Discussion
    In the morning Poppy, who's 6 months old, gets a walk. I've been taking her to an empty tennis court to play fetch, tug, and work on our training like obedience and some new tricks. I'll hold her toy, as for a behaviour or two, throw the toy and chase her, grab it and she chases me, then tug a...
  6. Puppy Aggression- only interested in hands, biting has escalated.

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Hi! On week two with our 13 week old AmStaff/Boxer/Terrier mix and looking for a little help. As a background- we got her from a shelter where she, mom, and litter mates were and were told she rated "borderline" because she was fearless, was amped up by human contact, and lacked bite...
  7. Michael Vick on video game cover: vote

    General Dog Discussion
    Some of you may be familiar with the Madden franchise of video games. If not, it is a popular series of football games. Well, there is a chance that Michael Vick could be on the cover of Madden 2012. You may not play video games at all, but I know that you love dogs. And since I love both of...
  8. Not interested in playing

    Dog Training and Behavior
    Josh is a 9 yo terrier mix, rescued recently after an extended period in a foster home situation. He isn't interested in playing at all. Not with balls, not with toys. He's not listless, just doesn't seem to be interested in anything other than food - which he gets plenty. He'll play with a...
  9. my new game

    Dog Gear and Supplies
    i made a new game to play with my dogs: you need a frisbee at least 1 dog and yourself and a closed in area you start by getting your dog(s) ready to play frisbee. you play by throwing the frisbee out really far and run to it and try to get it before your dogs and if you get it you have to...