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    This is just for fun since I don't plan on getting another dog within a couple of years. What I'm looking for: -I know dogs bark but nothing too vocal due to the fact I live in an apartment -I don't really have any preferences in size expect for nothing over 85 pounds. I'm a small woman and I...
  2. General Dog Discussion
    Shop apparels for dog lovers šŸ¶
  3. General Dog Discussion
    Hey all, newish member here. I'm a yoga instructor & dog owner (Arlo is my fur baby 6yo mix, Dani is our foster fur baby 3.5 Doberman) and wanted to get your thoughts on a project I've been working on. Due to CVOID-19 I've got no in-person classes so I have started free online 'yoga with dogs'...
  4. Dog Breeds
    Hello, I adopted her from the shelter and was told she was a black mouth cur mix. Then the vet told me she was a pit bull mix. A vet tech swears she's boxer mix and another person assures me she's a mastiff. She is only 3 months old but 15 pounds. I'll be honest I have no idea what she is...
  5. Dog Art
  6. Fun and Games
    This game is challenging and simple, too. Simply change up to three letters in the breed name to make it another dog breed, or add something in front of it. Ex. Person 1: Collie Person 2: Rough Collie I'll start with: Pointer
  7. Fun and Games
    This game is for those who literally LIKE everything:basically you like the person above you for the dumbest possible reasons. Plus, now the person above you is happy about whatever you liked them for. Ex. Liked for having an adorable dog :dog-bone: Liked for using my favorite emoji...
  8. Fun and Games
    This fun game is very easy. All you do is ask "should I..." and the person below me answers the question. Ex. Person 1: Should I play this game? Person 2: Yes, you should. Should I get a haircut? And on it goes. Good luck, guys! I'll start: Should I groom my dog?
  9. Dog Gear and Supplies
    I try to reserve my $$$ for things I can't do without, or make myself, but I am lazy, so here you go.... (pic on my blog, but seriously, you don't need a picture) . Here's what you need. 1.One pair of clean (you'll see why next) track pant you no longer want. 2.Scissors. 3.You. Here's what you...
  10. General Dog Discussion
    My Norwegian Elkhound got Batman (those ears)! :thumbsup: What about your dog?! :ponder: Try the Superhero Dog Quiz to find out!
  11. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hello Everybody, I'm new on this forum and on my first post i wanted to share my beloved friend who passed away couple months ago :( He was a real good friend who changed my life. I can't thank to him enough! Thank you for watching :)
  12. General Dog Discussion
    I'm not sure if there is already a brag page on this forum, but I couldn't find one. So the basic idea is that you want to brag about your dog without starting a whole thread just for that one dog? So you can brag here! :) I, of course, will start. Biscuit has been learning tricks super fast and...
  13. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Hi, doglovers! Could you share here the situation/s where nothing matters more than your love to your dog and vise versa? Something funny, awesome, lovely photos and videos too! This is a sample that shows how dog loves her owner to the point of reaching the peak of excitement...
  14. Dog Training and Behavior
    I hope it's the right category to ask this, but I hope it's okay! I would just like to know which tricks you and your dog have had the most fun with, and which has been the most practical to teach your dog? I do not currently have a dog, but I remember having a lot of fun teaching my previous...
  15. Dog Pictures and Videos
    Lets show your "Happy" "Smilling" Doggies having the time of his life!!! Fun! Jumping over a log. Race day joy! Get to see hundreds of people.
  16. General Dog Discussion
    Hello and welcome! I'm an artist who does portraits of dogs. Here is a drawing I did of my boxer, Fance and a Pit Bull named Junior. Anyone interested in having their best friend immortalized in original art?
  17. Fun and Games
    I've always thought this game was pretty fun! For those who don't know how to play, here's how. Ok, so one person writes 2 truths and one lie about his or herself and the next person has to find the lie. If the person guesses correctly, it's their turn Example: Person 1: I have 2 dogs, I love...
  18. Fun and Games
    The game is you post a picture of a movie scene and the next person guesses what movie the scene is from. The person who posted it will tell you if you're right or wrong, if you guess correctly it's your turn to post a scene. Similar to the "Guess the breed" game. I'll Start us off
  19. Fun and Games
    Here's how to play! One person asks a question and the next person answers. The first one to answer correctly takes their turn. It's a lot like the guess the breed game on here but with trivia rather than guessing breeds by pictures. I'll start it off. Which breed of dog is known for making a...
  20. Fun and Games
    Here's the game, for those of you who are unfamiliar (I think most of us are though). Someone gives another person 2 choices and they can be as crazy as you want. Example: Person 1: Would you rather have to cross through a room full of rattlesnakes or one full of wasps? Person 2: Rattlesnakes...